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    AMD Radeon RX Vega Put Through 3DMark

    Now just watch when nVidia demolishes Vega and sends it into the lower end of the midrange segment with the release of 2070 and 2080 Volta in September nVidia will do it just because they can right now and to keep AMDs profits down from the expensive to produce Vega. They want AMD to continue...
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    Xbox One X Hardware Specs Give Gaming Desktops a Run for their Money

    It is good hardware but if they gone with 384-bit wide GDDR5X memory it would have been insane with almost 50% more bandwidth.
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    PCI-SIG Fast Tracks Evolution to 32 GT/s with PCI Express 5.0 Architecture

    This is really getting ridiculous, it cannot take up to 8 years to release a new Pcie standard like with Pcie 4.0. There must be other forces with unknown motives behind this delay than just technical issues. Read this from TechRepublic.com about Intel dragging their feet with Pcie 4.0...
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    GeIL Shuttle Series M.2 NVMe SSD Pictured

    Here at TechPowerUP we go with what feels right, not what's right ;) as we say in svengelska
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    GeIL Shuttle Series M.2 NVMe SSD Pictured

    Irrelevant how it performs, must have just because it looks cool.
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    AMD Radeon RX Vega to Launch at SIGGRAPH 2017, Frontier within a Month

    Something is not right with VEGA. You could even hear the stress in her voice when she made that lame 1 min VEGA presentation. Raja said that Computex would unveil more about VEGA for gamers and what we learned is that you have to have dual VEGA to run 4K. NOTHING ELSE. VEGA is now officially...
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    Intel's Skylake-X, Kaby Lake-X HEDT CPUs to use TIM; Won't be Soldered

    The guys at Intel are so stingy they scream when they take a sh*t. Selling expensive HEDT cpus with Donald Duck glue and Scrooge McDuck TIM. Like making the world's most amazing cake and then taking a sh*t on it before you close the box. How can you not be amazed by Intel's lack of respect...
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    ASRock Unveils the X299E-ITX/ac: Mini ITX + X299 + Quad-channel Memory

    Wonder if the X299 chipset is 28nm or maybe even 14nm. Not much cooling on the chipset with that small heatsink so it cannot generate much heat.
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    Intel Pushes Motherboard + Optane Bundles, "Coffee Lake" in August

    Intel Panicking, they finally realized they can not sell same old tech repackaged over and over again with AMD breathing down their necks. Competition at it's best, more power, innovation and lower prices, a bright x86/x64 future ahead of us.
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    Intel Denies Graphics IP Licensing Deal with AMD

    Ok, but who did Intel license gfx tech from if not nVidia and AMD. What i understand they absolutely need it to protect themselves.
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    Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Gaming 11 GB

    Thanks for the quick answer BUT there is still concern regarding the 5fps diff between Aorus Xtreme and Asus Strix OC+ MSI Gaming X. The Msi card perform better on lower clock than Aorus Xtreme which raises a flag that something might not be right. Sure 5fps (2.5%) is not a lot but when you...
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    Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Gaming 11 GB

    We must fix a way to by pass the voltage restrictions to really see what this baby can do. What i understand you have to do a hardware mod to get around it.
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    Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Gaming 11 GB

    I am looking for more info like Wesslan, please help us. Power input configuration adjustable 50%+ up to 375 W is amazing BUT only to be choked by a board power limit of around 270 W. I am really bummed out, hard time to see where the Xtreme is in this card with this low limit. Please help me...
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    TRENDFOCUS Reports SSD Pricing Increases up to 36%, YoY; 2018 to Offer Respite

    Yup, price increase because of shortage so some one is defiantly cashing in on this price hike, it's not like the manufacturing cost of NAND increased 36% YoY. This industry must be prone to secret deals among the few big manufacturers, if they lower their production they up the price and make...
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    AMD Ryzen Infinity Fabric Ticks at Memory Speed

    So if you building Ryzen gaming rig on a budget less is more better to use like 8 GB of expensive super fast memory to get more performance then. What AMD should do is to revive their Radeon memory brand and sell super fast DDR4 memory with only Ryzen profiles at very low cost to push their...
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    AMD's Ryzen Cache Analyzed - Improvements; Improveable; CCX Compromises

    Hmmm, is this a permanent design flaw or is this fixable some how?
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    Kingston Announces the DCP-1000 PCI-Express NVMe SSD

    The buzz is that they are also working on a high end consumer variation of this card. Kingston want to blow away the enthusiast market with the first PCIe x8 card but it won't surface until late Q3 / early Q4 2017. Question is if it is worth it, can not even imagine the price tag. To much for...
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    Enermax Unveils the Revolution SFX Power Supply Series

    Where did you get your info? Enermax webpage says fanless operation under 30% load NOT 60%. http://www.enermax.com.tw/home.php?fn=eng/product_a1_1_1&lv0=1&lv1=101&no=337 I really would like it to be 60% but it does not seam to be the case.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Specifications Leaked, Inbound for Holiday 2016?

    No way i am investing in a further cut down GP102 with only GDDR5. Nvidia is fu**ing us over again. Nvidia knows there is no alternative until VEGA in 2017 so they figured why not do a half baked card and squeeze some quick money out of some unsuspecting morons before x-mas and VEGA in 2017. Do...
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    NVIDIA Launches Maxed-out GP102 Based Quadro P6000

    The TITAN X is NOT marketed as a gaming card, this is the first time this has happened since the TITAN series was presented. Sure you can play games on TITAN X but it is not marketed as a GTX GeForce gaming card anymore and there has to be a reason that nVidia choose to go this way. Not very...
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    AMD Radeon RX 470 Could Surprise with Pricing

    My hand is up !
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    Plextor Also Unveils M8Pe Series PCIe SSDs

    Yeah, i miss the good old days. Unbelivable that you still can destroy the world with 8-inch floppy discs.
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    Plextor Also Unveils M8Pe Series PCIe SSDs

    Okej, i thought the overhead was 20% like on PCIe 2.0 but when i checked PCIe 3.0 only have 1.54% overhead so as you say there is still a bit to go until maximum bandwidth 3.94GB/sec is reached.
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    Plextor Also Unveils M8Pe Series PCIe SSDs

    If you mean SSD i have one Samsung 950 pro 512GB and one Samsung 950 Pro 256GB but i rather have one M.2 1TB SSD that does over 3GB/sec with 400K IOPS like the Lite-on.