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  1. J

    display contents of folder on hover ?

    I used to have an app that let you hover the mouse over a folder and you will see the contents display in a pop up area.. similar to the right click context feature. You could then choose a shortcut from that to open - all without ever opening the folder itself. I cant for the life of me find...
  2. J

    Let's talk about this Cloud Computing business

    I had never heard the term referring to the internet as "The Cloud' till Microsoft came out with the new tv commercials. What Microsoft has to do with it, I still don't know. In general I understand "cloud computing" is a way of using internet software as services. We have been doing this since...
  3. J

    cannot access file/or permissions

    I have a file i need to run on Windows 7 Home Premium. I get the error message saying "Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item." So I right click and choose Properties to access the permissions but I cannot. In...
  4. J

    How do you communicate over the net?

    I am researching different types of ways people use the internet to communicate. I need other ideas. So far my list includes: AIM/Yahoo messenger/skype type programs E-mail Forums IRC (Internet relay Chat) SecondLife and OpenSim BBS's (Bulletin Board Systems) via Telenet MOO's and Muds...
  5. J

    need list of usb bootable Operating Systems

    I am looking for a good list of operating systems you can run from a usb or dvd. If not a list, then folks can just post their top picks. I want these to run from the usb/dvd without installing on the system or getting in the way of the system that exists on the hard drive. Thanks in...
  6. J

    Need anti-virus app for special application

    I need an anti virus app that is really Top Notch that will only scan a certain folder I tell it to or scan the folder live or on demand. Only this one folder must be scanned. I do not want the app to scan the whole drive. What I am doing is using Sandboxie for my protection and downloads...
  7. J

    64 bit Flash Now working in 64 bit Browsers !

    Adobe labs has released a pre release build of the new Adobe Flash Player with native 64 bit support. Firefox has stable 64 bit builds called Minefield. - they work great together! I have been waiting for 2 years for this to happen and now it looks like I can finally switch all my 32 bit...
  8. J

    Most annoying windows problem ever - MS never fixed!

    I am a gamer. I like to have lots of icons on my desktop. I do not always play all games at the desktop resolution. Every time I open a game with a different resolution the icons on the desktop always get rearranged when i close the game and return to my normal resolution. They should go back to...
  9. J

    Darkstar - MST3K Fans - The one to watch for

    If you are an MST3K fan ( Mystery Science Theater 3000 tv show) then you know about Darkstar. ( Not to be confused with DarkStar One) If not then you have been in a coma the past ten years. Darkstar is a cinematic adventure game (called an Interactive Movie) starring all of the original cast...
  10. J

    Hellgate London - Single Player

    So, I got this game after trying the demo and patched it up to 1.2 I do not remember if i set a difficulty setting or even if the game has one.. but i'm hoping i'm missing something. I'm level 7 and have sold a lot of stuff but I have yet had to buy anything - no guns no upgrades - I can kick...
  11. J

    Need a "3D games" list

    The website 3DGamers.com used to have all released games by year and category from 1995 on.. until the site went down a few years ago. This was great because I could search all games for a certain year and look through the game categories of my choice.. First person, Side Scrollers, Third...
  12. J

    Question for people who played Bad Company 1 & 2

    I only have a PC. I have seen trailers of Battlefield Bad Company and loved the idea of the story. The team seems funny, cocky like the game would be a real Hoot. Of course I cannot play it. But now there is Bad Company 2 out for PC. Is Bad Company 2 funny like the first game was? If so, I may...
  13. J

    Need multiple unattended uninstall program

    I am looking for a good multiple uninstall program. I wish this to be able to do it's magic unattended. I would just select all apps to be uninstalled, click the Go button and forget it till it's done. Anyone know of an app like that?
  14. J

    Games main screen blocky instead of text

    I have this game, ARMA, and the main screen is all blocky instead of text.. like it doesn't render properly. I have an ATI 5750 1 gig ddr5 video card on win 7 64 bit. Never saw anything like this problem before. Ideas? Thanks.
  15. J

    Looking for FPS game where you control teammates

    I just got done playing Jerico and loved it. In it you control your teammates not as a squad but individually.. (well actually you can do both)you can switch between them because they have different skills. Only other game like that I remember was Diakatana. I am looking for more games like this...
  16. J

    Homefront - FPS game for 2011- Must Get!

    Check out this new fps game from Kaos Studios and THQ slated to arrive during the first quarter of 2011. "It's the year 2027, and a resurgent North Korea has invaded the United States of America. The North Korean army--a force numbering in the millions and backed by the world's most advanced...
  17. J

    How do I remove Windows Updates?

    I do not want to disable the service. I have done that many times. I don't want to turn it off. I want to delete critical windows updates files for good. Something keeps turning my windows updates back on and puts it on automatic, after I set everything to Never. I do not know why this is...
  18. J

    Awesome Windows Feature Needed

    I need a hack. I think this would be awesome: Add to the right click context menu of a desktop shortcut, the ability to uninstall the program. - Right from there !! See.. I told you it would be awesome. LOL I think this is badly needed and could be so very useful. Any ideas on how...
  19. J

    Skype Alternative with Free PC to land line

    I was about to pay the cheap 3 dollars a month to get Skypes PC to Land line Phone service. Of course Skype already has free pc to pc calls. Mediaring Talk will even beat that and give you pc to phone for free. https://talkmember.mediaringtalk.com/mytalk/index.php ( they also do pc to pc for...
  20. J

    2-4 ghz S band on wireless possible?

    The S band which I understand is a Ham/Shortwave band is also on the 2-4 GHZ range just like all of out wireless adapters... so.. can they pick up these radio signals? It would seem to me it's at least possible. Perhaps with some modding or the right software to interpret the signal? An if...
  21. J

    Best homemade WiFi antenna ?

    I have been researching homemade wifi antennas for use with my laptop. It has a built in card but I also have a USB wifi adapter I could use for the project. What type of DIY antenna works best? What antenna have you guys made that works best for you? Of course I want to boost my...
  22. J

    Is it illegal to connect to an unsecured network?

    I brought my laptop over to my Mothers today when I went to cut her grass. She has a PC that's someone gave her but she hasn't used it yet cus it needs a new hard drive. I was surprised to find someone nearby had an unsecured connection. So I connected my laptop to it for a few minutes just to...
  23. J

    How to get MY Computer on top in Explorer?

    On windows 7. I remember being able to do this in XP and I prefer it.. but I cant seem to find a way in win 7.. anyone know?
  24. J

    Lots of Shared Memory Questions

    After editing this a few times I have Lots of questions. please try to answer them all. Thank You ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have a CQ61-411WM Laptop with 4 gigs of DDR2 Ram. The graphics chip is an ATI 4200 HD. This chip is 128 shared memory up to 1 gig. ( on win 7 64 bit) I also understand with...
  25. J

    Windows 7 Major Flaw

    If you are copying two items to a usb stick at the same time, say 2 files a gig each ( at least this is where I see the problem showing up on my machine ) and you decide to cancel one of them, it will take forever to cancel. Why can't windows simply stop the operation and close the window...