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  1. Cotton_Cup

    Is it worth upgrading to a 6 core yet?

    My Processor goes @ 4.6Ghz on 1.38 using a noctua nh d-14 not too long ago before I went water. It was stable on prime 95 for 48 hours stress test.
  2. Cotton_Cup

    A 1 ms GTG monitor vs. A G-Sync enabled monitor

    well if you're getting high FPS on 1080 then I suggest just get a new monitor like a 1440 that way your FPS will go down a bit more. I like ISP more than TN and so far and not sure if there are any 120hz IPS monitors. but I prefer going bigger resolution compared to a 1080 120hz since I like...
  3. Cotton_Cup

    Will this processor work?

    there are still some used 775 socket cpu out for sale which is cheap. If you can do something about your wallet.
  4. Cotton_Cup

    does a asrock fatal1ty 990fx professional need bios update?

    Hi guys. just wondering since my friend is building his new pc and goes full amd on both the cpu and gpu and mobo. does the ASRock Fatal1ty 990FX Professional need a bios update for the amd fx 8320? if you're wondering this is the entire system. Converted to US dollar from our currency...
  5. Cotton_Cup

    Ducky shine II backlight not working on some keys.

    I guess so Thanks, I'll do it @ monday.
  6. Cotton_Cup

    Ducky shine II backlight not working on some keys.

    no doesn't seem like it. well I could rma it but besides that are there any other solutions? it's been almost a year since I had this keyboard.
  7. Cotton_Cup

    Ducky shine II backlight not working on some keys.

    hey guys I got some problem with the ducky shine II keyboard of mine. went down to wash some dishes and cook some noodles but when I came back my F2, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, F12, PRT SS, 0 AND ESC has no backlight and I tried FN + F10 or F11 or F12 and it doesn't seem to work. anyone got...
  8. Cotton_Cup

    What PSU should I get? CX750M?

    +1 to earthdog your current psu is pretty capable so no need to buy another one.
  9. Cotton_Cup

    Mouse click doesn't work.

    Hey My old Dell Studio Hybrid has this mouse problem. I'm using a dragunov mouse and left clicking on things like a open window doesn't work and it clicks the desktop background, I can right click or left click on any icon on my desktop. I tried using my Corsair M65 mouse and has the...
  10. Cotton_Cup

    wet ducky shine

    btw thank you guys, it's done now lol after keeping it in the rice barrel longer XD.
  11. Cotton_Cup

    Motherboard died??? New Mobo

    if you got a friend who got a computer you can test your parts with try it.
  12. Cotton_Cup

    wet ducky shine

    Hi just an update, after burrying my keyboard on the rice should have been 24 hours already. I manage to remove most of the rice but whenever I shake my keyboard I still hear some rice sound. is it still safe to plug in the usb connector to the keyboard and test it out???? edit: or should I...
  13. Cotton_Cup

    Help me spend next months money

    hey if you live in the Philippines I just saw some last night some dude conning the other guy to buying his pentium 4, saying stuff like it can play dota 1/2 without lag, crossfire and other low demanding game. but anyways I do advice you to buy one of those breakable piggy bank (doesn't have...
  14. Cotton_Cup

    an upgrade question

    if you can get a 2600k cheaper then go for it if there is just like 5$ difference go with 3770k. for cooling I'd say go for those smething like h80i etc. less problem.
  15. Cotton_Cup

    Should i add another HD7970

    actually I don't advice you to crossfire your 7970. normally when people build a system they think they will get this gpu and maybe crossfire down the road. this doesn't happen (Normally) when a new gpu after a few years later, people tend tgo just get the new one again and think they will...
  16. Cotton_Cup

    BF4 Gaming hardware upgrade OK?

    I would say go for win 8, and if he wants it now just grab a 780 should be powerful enough for some time unless gaming technology sky rocket where you need a minimum of 1000tb video memory to play on low settings. about the psu I think it's fine although I'd always recommend seasonic...
  17. Cotton_Cup

    Best X79 mobo for overclocking?

    actually I would love to tell you to get the msi one but...but the UP4 is an awesome board too.
  18. Cotton_Cup

    wet ducky shine

    Thank you guys for the information. I'll put it in the barrel right now. and yes I did notice it been 5 min and still can't open it lol. I'll just put the screws back in and put it in the rice barrel.
  19. Cotton_Cup

    R9-280X for 410$ VS 760 for 290$

    I'd still say get the 280x or 770. even @ 1080p you still can't say if you will not upgrade since once you do started upgrading we all get this itch to upgrade. so better get the better card so you won't feel that itch soon.
  20. Cotton_Cup

    wet ducky shine

    HI thank you fr the reply (sorry if I respond slow it's hard to click here and there using osk) it has 2 screws at the back but I'm having trouble opening it. it seems tight or really nicely built. I can put it in a barrel of rice (we use a barrel @ home)
  21. Cotton_Cup

    Best X79 mobo for overclocking?

    I'm still using my old msi x79gd65-8D and still happy with it no problem. I'm on water too but I'm still staying on a low overclock when I'm gaming or just watching youtube or other videos or even listening to sound. I only overclock it higher if I were to run some benchmarks.
  22. Cotton_Cup

    PSU upgrade suggestions

    I'd say get a corsair ax850 or the seasnic x-760/850 80plus gold and you're totally golden ^_^
  23. Cotton_Cup

    wet ducky shine

    hey guys just woke up an hour ago to see a baby bottle without it's water inside near my keyboard and my keyboard wet. (I left it switched on running benchmark) I removed the mini usb connector that is connected to the keyboard and removed all the keys it has so I can dry it off. I just...
  24. Cotton_Cup

    monitor flickers?

    hey guys earlier I bought a new monitor as my 4th one from my triple display, was browsing the web using it while playing some game on my other 3. the suddenly it got this weird colors (lines) then I just decided to restart my pc. but now it seems that the LED lights on my screen is like...
  25. Cotton_Cup

    external HDD imation problem

    sadly the only available usb stick I have are 2gb most of my usb storage are external hdd's TT___TT, lol I should really get my self a 8gb flash drive at least. note: btw I still have my 512mb kingston usb stick still alive ^_^.