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  1. EnglishLion

    Razor Salmosa mouse problems

    My Razor Salmosa mouse has a problem where after a few days of being plugged in I come to use it and the buttons respond but not the movement. If I replug the USB the whole thing immediately comes back to life. Anyone else have this problem? So far it hasn't happened while in use. But I...
  2. EnglishLion

    Need some advice on a new case.

    My current favourite is the Fractal Design Define R2 - http://www.fractal-design.com/?view=product&prod=32 Not sure if this meets your watercooling demands though as it's not the biggest. It does have holes in the rear panel to pass tubing through.
  3. EnglishLion

    ATI Radeon 4870 Running 8x in 16x slot (No Crossfire)

    I had a very similar problem that I wrote up on my blog - http://www.mods-n-clocks.co.uk/?p=77 Basically it was the motherboard's fault and was cured by a motherboard BIOS update. Slightly different hardware to your setup though.
  4. EnglishLion

    Question about bent pins

    I would be very surprised if you have actually bent any pins. My advice would be just to leave it as it is now that it's all together and running.
  5. EnglishLion

    Lian Li PC-T1 Spider

    I won't be buying one but it's certainly the best Spider shaped PC case that I've ever seen!
  6. EnglishLion

    Problems detecting temps

    yep that sounds about right for a p4.
  7. EnglishLion

    Problems detecting temps

    You could always measure the temperature of the heatsink using a probe/thermometer and then you'd at least get a value (it'd be a little below the CPU temp). Otherwise I'm not sure you have much other option. Have you tried the ASUS website for a utility, their PCProbe software might be...
  8. EnglishLion

    My First Intel (E3200)

    Well done good clocks - :toast: The low end Intels overclock brilliantly. My E2160 went from 1.8 up to 3.4 it's just a pity you can't open them up and put some extra cache inside ;) Also it seems wrong to get a heatsink and fan that costs as much as the CPU you're putting it on.
  9. EnglishLion

    Superglue fail

    Leave it until one of them fail IMO. The only way for a full repair would require unsoldering the socket from the motherboard and soldering on a replacement (maybe from an old/dead board) and trimming the cables from the PSU and attaching a replacement 24pin plug. Not worth it though!
  10. EnglishLion

    Storage array: Bare drives, SS, RAID, SSD, or other?

    Did you see the youtube video of a 24x samsung SSD rig? Well worth watching, that's a quite array!
  11. EnglishLion

    Windows 7 DSP vs. Retail

    So how many times have you re-activated a win7 copy to come up with that 90%? I'd say at the moment we really don't know how MS will react to re-activating win7 as it's too soon. Certainly with XP they were quite lax and with vista a bit tighter. Considering how much money they didn't make on...
  12. EnglishLion

    $1200 Titanium Mouse.

    Maybe it's good value. After all I didn't see a scale on the picture, it might be really big and double up as a chair! One mouse button per leg and the scroll wheel between your knees - hand operated of course!
  13. EnglishLion

    AMD Athlon II X2 240

    I'm glad to see a good review of this chip - I just advised a mate to buy one! As for power consumption, I don't think you'll be able to arrive at a CPU only value. IMO it would be better to offer a minimum total system value. In other words try to run the component in a system with minimal...
  14. EnglishLion

    Official Windows 7 bug report thread

    Had Outlook crash when trying to sync my ipaq 214. Works fine if outlook is already running but if Win7 needs to open outlook as part of the sync then outlook sometimes crashes when opening. Syncing a pda in windows has always been patchy (tried XP, Vista and 7).
  15. EnglishLion

    SFF case recommendations needed

    But with bizzare side mounted opticals?
  16. EnglishLion

    IEEE Ratifies 802.11n Wireless LAN Specification

    I surprised that everyone thinks this ratification will now prompt firmware upgrades to be released and that those upgrades will cure all router problems. The g standard has been official for many years yet many routers still have problems, drop connections and generally fail miserably. Not...
  17. EnglishLion

    Razer Orochi and Kabuto

    Pity the Bluetooth connection limits the mouses performance. I like the idea of a bluetooth mouse, wireless mice are much better to use and feel much more free but you always have that nagging in the back of your mind when gaming, especially on-line, that maybe you'd be better wired!
  18. EnglishLion

    A Simple Mod

    Solution to Chipset Heatsink being too hot to touch - Put a fan in the way so you can't touch it! Nice thinking... I assume it makes a real difference too.
  19. EnglishLion

    SFF case recommendations needed

    Sounds like you want a PC case that's larger on the outside than it is inside. How big are you wiling to go externally and still call it a SFF? My ecute case holds 3 HDDs (if you convert one of the 5.25" bays) a 5.25" and an external 3.5", full modular PSU and my 4850 or 4870 with 'some'...
  20. EnglishLion

    Building a mobo from scratch?

    even in companies like ASUS MSI etc. There's no one person that can 'make' a motherboard. All motherboards are considered, designed, built etc by many people all doing their own little bit. No one person on their own would be able to achieve this even with the necessary plant/tools etc...
  21. EnglishLion

    q9650 - how to get a stable oc at 4ghz???

    Hi You can't just copy someone elses settings, apply them to your system and expect the overclock to work. If that's what you've tried to do. As 'I think the settings are correct for such an overclock' suggests. I have an ASUS P5E3 Deluxe (X38) with a Q9550 that I'm overclocking at the...
  22. EnglishLion

    Should I overclock for playing GTA IV?

    Hi, Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately 32bit XP is 4gb total memory address no matter whay you try to do. It's such a low level limit that short of rewritting the OS (ie installing 64bit version) there is no way around it. If you had gone for a graphics card with more RAM then...
  23. EnglishLion

    Should I overclock for playing GTA IV?

    Overclocking can only help really, assuming you don't go mad. GTA4 loves extra CPU/Mem resource including video memory. You can't add memory by overclocking but you can give it more CPU oomph! I assume the 1440x900 is the monitor max? Not sure about a final mission bug though Naelex? I've...
  24. EnglishLion

    Thermaltake Luxa² LM100 Mini

    The case certainly looks the part and I've got no issues about running a hot HTPC as long as it's not noisy. Wonder if those fans can be run at 5V off the molex or if that's sufficient for their spin-up speed. It does seem odd to have the PSU fan exhausting into the case, surely putting the...
  25. EnglishLion

    Need opinions from British people

    My choice is always ebuyer if possible because their website is great and the rma process is good too. Occasionally I use Scan as I get free delivery from there and I sometimes use OverclockersUK if I'm passing by their shop. I would avoid Eclipse unless you cannot find the same product...