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  1. FreedomEclipse

    More Cancerous Microtransactions incoming

    Activision Patents Microtransaction-Based Matchmaking
  2. FreedomEclipse

    R.I.P Visceral Games

    Sadly, Its happened. Special thanks to your friendly neighbourhood home wrecker.. Electronic Arts to quote a comment to summarize all of this... "They were forced to not work on things they are good at and to do an insanely focus tested market driven thing because their employers told them...
  3. FreedomEclipse

    ASUS 370 ROG STRIXX problem.

    Unfortunately it seems that Asus's PR department are either full of idiots or Asus in general are just being knobs. Reviewer points out a problem with LLC on the motherboard and gets treated like a newbie
  4. FreedomEclipse

    Moving from Synology to Qnap

    God knows how long ive had my Synology 216J. I cant remember when i bought it but its old and slow and its now being retired as I have just bought a Qnap 251+ on amazon primeday. So the question now... Is how do i go about transferring the files over from my Synology to the Qnap? I know i cant...
  5. FreedomEclipse

    Screen size vs resolution on handsets

    Which is better?? Im looking to pick up a huawei mate 9 but thats 1080p for a 5.9" phone There are other phones available that cost around the same but 5.5" for 1440p So which one would you go for?? Im after a handset with a little more screen estate.
  6. FreedomEclipse

    Banned from UK Clubouse

    Whoever is responsible, Please inbox me
  7. FreedomEclipse

    CoD WWII

    Anyone watch the livestream? I kind of hyped as I sunk hours and hours into Hurtgen Forest map back in CoD1/UO. So for me personally, Id probably get it depending if they dont f**k up all the server side of things.... Dedicated servers, Rcon or Punkbuster support so that mods/admins can kick...
  8. FreedomEclipse

    [WTB] '8GB DDR SODIMM wanted'

    As the title states, Im looking for a 8GB DDR3 SODIMM stick and an Msata drive thats above 120GB. Id prefer a 250GB one if possible. Im willing to trade 2x4GB of DDR3-1600 SODIMMs for that one 8GB stick and also a 240GB 2.5" SSD (i think it was the OCZ Arc 100 model -- Its no speed demon but...
  9. FreedomEclipse

    [FS][EU] DDR3 2400Mhz Ram kits

    Got a few of these kits that need to go so i can get a GTX1080 or 1080Ti when that finally drops. These are Cas 11 8GB 2400Mhz 2x4GB Kits and there are 4 of them for a 32GB total. Used for around 6 months. never overclocked or overvolted. smoke free home, No pets and No nazi zombies...
  10. FreedomEclipse

    Windows 10 forced download

    Is there any way to stop it from constantly trying to download on my PC???
  11. FreedomEclipse

    More 'General Nonsense' brought to you courtesy of microsoft

    no news is good news! More drivel from some random higher ups at microsoft out banging the drum for PC gaming, which is even more ironic when his title is "senior director for PC gaming in the Xbox group" Not really postworthy - We've all seen microsoft come out of the closet at random times...
  12. FreedomEclipse


    Not trying to be an asshole here but filip needs a few english lessons. A few of his articles are so poorly written. I try to make constructive criticism on how to improve the article but im guessing he or whoever it is whose moderating NPU likes writing for dumb people because He or She has...
  13. FreedomEclipse

    Toshiba in trouble

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-33605638 Dont look good for them at all. They might have to start spinning off or selling off parts of the business. Im guessing WD or Seagate would pick up the hard drive division because of ip that are acquired through acquisition of OCZ. Thats one less...
  14. FreedomEclipse

    Mantle Is Dead (I guess)

    Anyone checked this out? http://www.pcworld.com/article/2891672/amds-mantle-10-is-dead-long-live-directx.html no more resources are being committed to Mantle - No more updates, No nothing.
  15. FreedomEclipse

    Sudden Reallocated sector count warning

    So uh... yeah... this just suddenly happened... Im not quite sure what to make of it. All i know is i was surfin the web and i suddenly got the windows warning that one of my drives might be failing. Im definitely gonna start backing shit up incase it gets worse.
  16. FreedomEclipse

    Powerline 1200 kits

    Ive heard a lot about these kits - Mainly about how 1200mbs is false advertising as you will never reach these speeds in real world configurations so Ive kind of sat and waited till better/newer units became available. One of the reasons why ive held off on being an early adopter is the price...
  17. FreedomEclipse

    what case to buy?

    Looking to do away with this Fractal Define XL (V1) as i dont think the airflow is as great as newer cases. On top of that, I just want something new and i guess a bit more flashy again. Back in the day i used to have an Antec 902 with a side panel but the case struggled to fit my 6970s and...
  18. FreedomEclipse

    That sinking feeling... (possible faulty motherboard)

    Well... Some of you may know that I got this skt 2011 get up as a part exchange + cash from Moon Pig. Everything was generally working ok until I had an issue with a faulty corsair PSU which had to be RMA'd. Since ive had the system up and running again I couldnt help but notice that my system...
  19. FreedomEclipse

    [WTB] Rigid/Fixed 2-Way 'Spaced' SLi Bridge

    I cant seem to find any decent quality ones here in the UK and even if I hit up ebay I have to order from places like the U.S or Italy because no stock elsewhere... I dont want them floppy ribbion SLi bridges - I want a fixed/rigid one. EVGA have recently started selling some 2-4way SLi...
  20. FreedomEclipse

    [EU] SanDisk Mobile Ultra microSDXC 128 GB UHS-I Class 10 Memory Card

    Heres a steal for the UK folk!! Ive been waiting for these to drop for a while!
  21. FreedomEclipse

    780 SLi still a viable choice?

    Been given the opportunity to possibly shift both my 680s in one go. Ive read reviews that 780 SLi is pretty solid and for the most part quite a few games scale exceptionally well with SLi Im not gonna be upgrading my monitor anytime soon, but at the same time I want something that will push...
  22. FreedomEclipse

    [EU] Toshiba 512GB SSD @£130

    Amazing deal!! I would get one but i dont really game much anymore due to work and even when i do game, i dont play games that require uber fast loading so grabbing one would be a waste of time for me. Not the fastest SSD compared to the competition but with zero access speeds and no...
  23. FreedomEclipse

    Itchy Upgrade Fingers

    I have 2GB 680s in SLi - However, I feel that the 2GB is somewhat limiting my performance in general. Now I have been told to wait for Maxwell, I honestly want to! but nobody knows when Maxwell is going to be released and even then it wont be the high-end cards that get released first and the...
  24. FreedomEclipse

    Noctua Love

    Call me a idiot but i want me some of these new industrial 2000rpm fans that are slowly starting to appear at retailers across the globe. Noctua NF-F12 PWM IndustrialPPC 2000RPM I want them to replace the Gentle Typhoons ive been running for the last 2-3years. The only downside to this upgrade...
  25. FreedomEclipse

    Freedom's 7th Year Anniversary Multi-Giveaway!

    This coming 20th of April will be my 7th year Anniversary here at TPU forums - It has been a long and somewhat rocky ride towards the last run of the journey but I have enjoyed every moment of being here and also having a part in shaping the community we have here today over the years be it for...