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    HyperSLI (Enabling SLI on non-sli motherboards)

    I should Warn Everyone again for Updating to Newly released Update kb2919355 for Windows 8.1. It is NOT Compatible With HyperSLI. I updated with Windows Upsate to Assure that Everything Goes Fine but My hope does not last Long! i get random BSOD and Freezes specially when Screen goes off in Lock...
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    HyperSLI (Enabling SLI on non-sli motherboards)

    Compatiblity issues with MS Update KB2919355 or Windows 8.1 Update 1 Rollup Spring 2014 I've used HyperSLI for past 6 month without a single problem and yesterday after Updating my OS ( Windows 8.1 PRO) to Spring 2014 RTM Release(KB29193355 and relative Updates), i notice many issues such as...