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    Gigabyte Outs Z97-HD3P Motherboard

    I have used several motherboard brands and also many different chipsets ranging from intel based/amd based. I can tell you from my experience that gigabyte makes quality products plus their RMA process is pretty good. I've used MSI, ASUS, Foxconn, ASROCK, ABIT, Biostar. The VRM's usually the...
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    Time for a new computer

    Looks like a pretty solid performer. If you don't plan to SLI/Crossfire for the power supply I would suggest getting a Corsair TX750 or lower wattage Corsair at like 550W-650W. I didn't even know XFX made PSUs. The bronze/gold power supplies won't get loud on load due to higher efficiency. I...
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    Asrock z77 STUCK IN BOOT LOOP!

    I also think it could be the ram. I used a lot of Crucial ram products and I have had to RMA quite a few. If the ram doesn't work try resetting your CMOS via jumper or taking the battery out for a few minutes.
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    Can't enter bios of my new gigabyte Z77X D3H

    I was going to tell you to try and take the motherboard battery out and leave it out for 1-2 minutes. I have a gigabyte z77-ud3h and when I try to reset CMOS via the jumper pins it doesn't work well. Once I take the battery out and put it back in after a few minutes the computer should default...
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    New build...3570/3770 or the new Haswell equivalent

    I own a Gigabyte z77 board and a stock i5 3550. You can't go wrong with either one. You can probably find cheaper deals on ebay for a used z77 boards and ivy bridge cpus. If you are buying brand new and don't want to upgrade for another 3 yrs than the new socket 1150 haswell cpus will be a...