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    OC FX-8370

    Just curious what I should see out of my 8370? MSI990FXA board, Corsair H-105 cooler. EVGA Supernova PSU. Case is the Corsair 760T with plenty of airflow. I am running the OC Genie and it sets the clock at 4.3 What are some decent manual settings so I don't go and kill this board or CPU...
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    Intel build. Need Some Ideas.

    Hey folks, Currently running the system in my specs. Looking to maybe upgrade to an Intel based system. Just wondering what the thoughts are with this setup here. https://secure.newegg.com/Shopping/ShoppingCart.aspx?Submit=view Or, should I keep my FX-8370 and MSI 990-FXA MB for now...
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    EVGA Precision Or Afterburner.

    Finally got my system up and running and wondering which to use? The GPU is the EVGA 980 Ti. I used to use Afterburner on my older cards. Just curious if one is better than the other these days? TIA for any and all info. :)
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    EVGA 980 Ti Questions.

    Hello folks. Just got back into the scene with some upgrades. One of those upgrades is the EVGA 980 Ti FTW version. Is there any software I should be running besides the MSI Afterburner? Any overclocking I can do without killing the card? I had an MSI 560 Ti 448 before this and it overclocked...
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    Out Of The Game A Couple Of Years.

    Hi folks, Old timer here with some questions. I went and upgraded my system. The system before upgrade consisted of an Antec case, AsRock 970 Extreme 4 MB AMD FX-6300, MSI 560 Ti 448, 8 gigs of Crucial ballistix sport, 850 watt Thermaltake toughpower PSU and an Samsung 250gb SSD. I upgraded...
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    Is This A Good Board Compared To...

    The ASrock 970 Extreme 4? http://www.microcenter.com/product/366425/GA-990FXA-UD3_Socket_AM3_990FX_ATX_AMD_Motherboard
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    I Am At A Loss At What To Do...

    When I OC my CPU I get video stuttering and games will not load or they will crash shortly after. I installed a different PSU, thinking it was a power issue? went from an Antec 650 watt to a Thermaltake Toughpower 850 watt. If I do not OC, it doesn't do this. Unigine Valley will give me a...
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    Are these still good power supplies?

    I just picked up one of these for $25 off ebay. It looks brand new. Can't even see any dust on the fan etc. My PSU went to crap and I looked all over online and didn't really have much money to spend. I know it is somewhat dated, but, it will do the job, no...
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    CPU Failing? PSU?

    When I OC my CPU my video stutters. Unigine Valley will stutter and give me a score in the 600's When I leave the CPU at stock speed and voltages everything runs fine and Valley will score 1563 with no hiccups. The MB and CPU are less than 2 months old. My PSU is an Antec EA 650 which is...
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    [FS][US] MSI 970A G46 Motherboard AM3+

    MSI 970A G46 Motherboard AM3+ $40 MSI 970A G46 for sale [B]***SOLD*** Continental 48 only. This one has the heatsink on the VRM's for extra cooling. This is a replacement board from MSI and I have never used it. Comes with what you see pictured, and MSI's no questions asked warranty...
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    RMA This Card?

    Look at the memory usage...84MB. That is running the render test. It does the same with Unigine Valley, Kombustor etc. 560 Ti 448 Twin Frozr 3 Videos stutter, game play is impossible. I recently had a USB header short and I think it somehow took my card with it. I reinstalled drivers...
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    Major Issue MSI 560 TI 448

    Hey everybody, I have the MSI GTX 560 Ti 448 core OC/PE I am having a major problem with it. Today I was trying to watch a Youtube video and noticed major stuttering. Then I tried to load up Far Cry 2 and it crashed. I also tried a couple of other games with the same results. I noticed...
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    GTX 700 Series Benchmarks Unveiled...

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    How Do These Results Look To You?

    Just curious if those voltages look okay? TIA for any and all input :toast:
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    Voltage Fluctuation AMD FX 6300.

    Hey everybody, I am curious as to what would make my voltage fluctuate from 1.25 to 1.3? MB is an Asrock 970 Extreme 4. I have the OC in BIOS on manual and the voltage set at 1.3 The LLC is set to ½ per the board instructions for the AM3+ chips on OC. The chip will run at 1.25 or...
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    [FS][US] Western Digital 2TB Green

    I have a WD Green 2TB that I do not use and has maybe a month total use on it. Asking ***SOLD*** with shipping included in the lower 48 only. Heatware http://www.heatware.com/user_directory.php?searchQuery=lazermonkey&searchButton.x=0&searchButton.y=0 Paypal only.
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    Are These Temps Okay?

    I recently made some changes to my system. I had an FX-4130 and upgraded to an FX-6300 Performance wise? it has increased. Anyway. My temps are averaging anywhere from 32-38C when idle or internet browsing and when I run OCCT it maxes out at 55c. Are those decent temps for this chip...
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    How Much Performance Gain?

    Would I get from an GTX 670 over my MSI GTX 560 Ti 448 OC PE? It seem the 448 core is right on par with a 570... or even more depending on OC settings. But, would it be worth the $$ upgrade to a 670? Or should I go for something like a 580? Maybe keep what I got? Other PC specs...
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    Houston, We have A Problem (memory speed)

    I have an ASrock 970 Extreme 4 with an FX 4130 and 8GB (2x4) Crucial Ballsitix Sport. I was playing around with the OC and took it up to 4.6 and now any time I try to OC the system my RAM is showing me this.
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    MSI GTX 570 Twin Frozr $60 BRAND NEW!!(now $349.00)

    Check it out guys! I just ordered one :) https://www.datavis.com/cgi-bin/product.cgi?prrfnbr=658537&prmenbr=2000
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    Question Regarding SLI.

    Okay here is the scenario. I just built a new system. I have an ASrock 970 Extreme 4 AMD FX 4130 chip. I have an MSI 560 Ti 448 core OC power edition. My PSU is an Antec EA-650 with two PCI-e connectors. Can I buy another 448 core and SLI using one connector on each card? If...
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    Installed new Samsung 840 250GB Question

    Hey guys, I just installed a new Samsung 840 250GB SSD. I ran the performance tool and it gave me these numbers. The top numbers seem to be okay and in range. The bottom numbers (especially the read side) have me concerned. Shouldn't this SSD be faster than this? Also, I have...
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    Help Me Overclock AMD FX 4130 Properly.

    *Update* I bought a new board. I got the Asrock 970 Extreme4 for $60 brand new. So far so good! :) I recently put together an AMD system. Specs are as follow. MSI 970A G43 motherboard AMD FX-4130 w/ Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus 120mm fan. Crucial Ballstix Sport 8GB @ 1600mhz...
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    VRM Heatsink/Cooler MSI 970A G43..

    This is the board I am running, and I am curious if someone could tell me which heatsink would be compatible with the VRM chips? MSI has the board setup for the heatsink, but they never installed it on this model board. It's not a bad board for the price I got it at. I picked it up for...
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    [FS/FT][US] Intel E-8400 and DDR2 Ram.

    Hello all, *BOTH ITEMS HAVE BEEN SOLD* I have an Intel E-8400 @ 3.0Ghz. and 6GB of DDR2 800mhz RAM for sale or trade. These were pulled from a Dell 530 and never OC'd. The 8400's are easily OC'd and are still good performers. I am looking for a decent WD Blue or Black 6Gb/s or Seagate...