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    I feel dumb for asking this question..... about overclocking

    HTTxFSB is going to be your HTT link speed between the proc and ram, this is usually very sensetive MULTIxFSB is going to increase your cpu frequency AND overclock your RAM Watch your memory divider, depending on how far you go you may want to lower it so you can compensate.
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    I feel dumb for asking this question..... about overclocking

    yeah, multi and fsb. by the way, its not guru3d or any other forum, flaming isnt much of a problem here, unless were on the topic of religion....
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    [Needed] Someone with some decent soldering skills

    could you take a picture of the underside of the board and draw a circle around that area, may help me or someone else asses how to solder it.
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    UT2004 gives me this when i try to join a server!

    What Alec said, its looking for a data entry beyond the end of the file. Only suggestion is an uninstall/reinstall.
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    *sirens flashing red lights* she canne take no more cap'n!!!!

    Hey, look on spire's website (spire coolers) looks like they sell mounting brackets... sorry for the double post.
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    CD Drive disappeared from XP os. (sp.2)

    I had this problem with my new rig... something happened and my sound card drivers didnt install correctly, rebooted, and bam, dvd drive was gone (samsung dvd/cd burner). i deleted teh uper and lower filters, and went through 2 days of googling and reading through forums until i just wiped and...
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    Upgrade Advice!

    I've got an x800gto flashed to 16p at the moment... I'm wondering if I should by a crossfire card (running 3200x mobo) and do that. One concern though I have though is that i don't know if the crossfire card will run at 16 pipes with my gto. If i did go crossfire I was planning on skipping...
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    Battlefield 2142 Patch 1.05 Released

    Then how did you install it?
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    Any good web layout/graphics artists out there?

    I'd be interested in doing it. Heres my business website: http://pcbros.selfip.biz This site I did all the graphics and layout as per the owners request: http://nfreak.net I normally just help people out who are starting hobby sites, or make sigs and stuff, but lately the only thing...
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    upgrade to crossfire for cheap and save $

    I have a 3200x board and a c3d x800gto with 4 pipes unlocked. If i got this would it detect how many pipes my board is using and use 16 instead of 12? Also what kind of performance gain do you think I might be able to get out of this 100 dollar investment?
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    *sirens flashing red lights* she canne take no more cap'n!!!!

    Not sure if you still need a new retention bracket, but have you tried drilling small holes into the bracket where the piece came off - and then into the part that came off, then scoring lightly the surface of both plastic parts and using a high strength epoxy to bond it together?
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    [WTB] ATI Radeon X800/X850 (XT,PRO,Regular or anyone that HAS BEEN MODDED to X850XT..

    I have an C3D x800gto with 4 pipes unlocked - the card would need a 3rd party cooler though to reach 850 speeds, but it overclocks pretty well. Only problem is that I can't let this go for another 2 months at least.
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    R600 card will be very complex

    I have a feeling ATI --- AMD will make a quality GPU - as for the ddr3 and ddr4 varients, its got to do with the extremely low supply of ddr4 available at the moment. but as it sits, the g80 is one hot videocard benchmarks and heat-wise. the silhouette of the r600 in the sunrise looks nice...
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    m2n-e to m2n-e sli rewers proces

    I bought an M2N-E... I returned it. That was that.
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    Running dual x1800 GTO cards...

    Some benchies would be nice, I've been apprehensive about getting dualies for my 3200 board just because I'm not seeing all the numbers I want to.
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    [FS/FT] Wireless Routers, BP6, EXOS W.C., SCSI gear, & more

    Would you take 50 bucks for the abit dual proccy setup you have there?
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    AMD Roadmap for 2006/2007

    Gnar Roadmaps! Gnar AMD! Gnar Intel! I hate the market right now, way too unstable. I have a dual core machine, 2 gigs of ram, will probably upgrade my video card in a few months. thats that. this race for 65nm and quad core is not worth the time and effort these companies are putting into...
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    Nis 2006

    Thats more or less what I thought, just thinking of ways to say hey, you spent a shedload of money for jack, without being a hack.
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    Nis 2006

    Norton Internet Security 2006: Piece of s**t. Beyond that though, I'm wondering if anyone would be able to help me. I'm trying to install it on a family member's pc, they went ahead and bought it without first consulting me... otherwise I wouldn't have touched it... but since they paid XXX.XX...
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    OK fellows its time to start working on a new mod bios

    i'm curious as to how these cards perform vs 1800's 1900's 1950's etc, all the review sites i've seen them on are comparing dirt to diamonds and showing 1300 and 1600s/cf benchies versus this card thats built on a new core.
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    Requesting help selecting new psu

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16817103517 Here's whats powering my system after the Rosewill RD600 I bought died.
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    Cheap PSU

    I agree completely, had to purchase a new psu because of a '600w' rosewill. i say that loosely cause i bet at best it was able to sustain 350-450watts, system died while gaming and luckily no parts went down with it. bought the sparkle 550w psu, and i was able to notice a performance increase...
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    Dont Buy Vista

    I have to buy vista since my service based business depends on my knowledge of the latest technology.... then again though, i'll be against vista's eula by problem-solving.... hrm.. I really wish i didnt HAVE to get vista though, but users don't know any alternatives to windows, and to be...
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    New Gran Turismo will be Pay-Per-Car

    reminds me of buying booster packs for bf2, new vehicles and maps as a gimmick just so the monetarily equipped could get EVERY weapon.... hey in game advertising with bf2142 I CANT WAIT! and now this.... i've lost alot of faith in the gaming industry... it seems like its reaching an apex which...
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    [FS] Radeon X1800 GTO

    Its probably not worth the upgrade to an x1800xt.... you should just flash that card to 16p, get a vf900 and overclock it.