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    Linksys Announces the WRT32X AC3200 Gaming Router

    Someone needs to re-read the article. WRTX AC3200 WRT32X WRT3X AC3200 So what is that thing called?
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    LG UltraFine 5K Monitor Plagued by Rookie Design Flaw

    Reminds me of the iPhone Antennagate... "You are holding it wrong" :D
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    Cooler Master Announces the MasterLiquid Maker 92 CPU Cooler

    Exactly what I was thinking. Yeah, dumping the heat is basically the one big advantage watercooling had over standard heatpipe aircooling which already performs really well.
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    Aqua Computer Announces Kryographics Water Blocks for GTX 1080 and GTX 1070

    Considering how much copper weighs... I'd rather have a block that only covers the areas it needs to cover.
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    In Win Intros Aurora: the First Case Fan with Wireless Remote and Daisy Chaining

    Yeah, but how do I daisy-chain them in a 3x3 array on a big radiator?
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    GIGABYTE GTX 1080 Xtreme Gaming Detailed Some More

    flagship ... I see what you did there :laugh:
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    MSI Ships the Vortex Miniature Gaming PC

    What the f*ck is "Super Raid 4", oh yeah I forgot, it's MSIs way of making Raid0 sound good...
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    Seagate Launches 8 Terabyte Hard Drive for NAS Applications

    Something that many people forget, when they strive for bigger storage in a NAS, is replication time after failure and or extra strain on the remaining "old" drives which might lead to followup failures during raid rebuild. I don't think that it is a good trend. Unless the drives also become...
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti VR Edition Pictured in the Flesh

    Well you are missing the front breakout box ;)
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    Marvell Industry-Leading SSD Controller Tech Expands the NVMe HMB Ecosystem

    Well, it will just end in this two scenarios... - people that know the technology will stay away from HBM SSDs - people that buy budget will love their cheaper SSD and probably won't know and/or care about the impact.
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    MSI Unleashes the X99A GODLIKE Gaming Motherboard

    Can someone please make "Killer NIC" go away? What is it anyway? Driver Level QOS ... awesome if you have more than one device connected ... because it can't do anything about some other device uploading pictures to the cloud or whatever...
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    Addonics Announces the Super Fast and Inexpensive USB 3.1 Controller

    It's just another asmedia asm1142 based add-in card. Alternatives are Asus 90mc0360-m0eay0 LogiLink pc0080 Asrock Sharkoon and the Asrock and Sharkoon cards look pretty similar to the Addonics card in layout with the additional sata power connector to power devices requesting more than 500mA.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6 GB

    I am a bit confused due this paragraph on page 5 of the review: So does this mean: a) triple setup with any of the 5 available ports? b) triple setup using 3 DP ports? c) quintuple setup using all available ports at the same time? ( d) this is only important for triple monitor display port...
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    EK Water Blocks Introduces D Series Drop-in Liquid Cooling Kits

    Is that a typo? why 7 fans in the second kit?
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    ASUS Reveals the ProArt PA328Q UHD Monitor

    DisplayPort 1.2 means 60Hz@UHD too right?
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    AMD Eyefinity 3.0 to Introduce Mixed Resolution Support

    The ultimate question, will it support us strange Portrait - Landscape - Portrait users? 1200x1600, 2560x1600, 1200x1600
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    Be quiet! to Present a Complete New Product Category at Computex 2014

    So what is the new product?!?
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    EK Introduces 5.25-Inch D5 Pump/Reservoir Unit

    There is a distinct lack of a picture with how it looks from the inside of the reservoir? Judging from the last pic at http://www.ekwb.com/shop/reservoirs-and-acc/res-pump-combo/ek-d5/ek-bay-res-d5-vario-incl-pump.html it seems the reservoir always has to be filled at least 70% as the inlet is...
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    Razer Unveils the Tartarus Gaming Keypad

    So this marks the final death of the "n52" of belkin which then was co-branded by razer as "n52te". I find it odd how they call it 25 buttons... 15 buttons + 8way thumb thingy + 2 thumb buttons = 25?!
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    ASUS Intros Ivy Bridge-E BIOS Updates for X79 Motherboards

    Yes, we get it. Wouldn't it have been easier to just talk about changes to the bios and then drop a table with the boards and the required bios version to support the new cpus?
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    TRENDnet Ships Adapter to Connect a Computer to a HD TV

    Any word if it does HDCP?
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    Xigmatek Announces Janus Low-profile CPU Cooler

    Because in the news the pic looks like this?! and not like this:
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    Xigmatek Announces Janus Low-profile CPU Cooler

    Of course I do, but look at the fans, closely... 1st Image clearly shows Top-Down. 2nd Image shows Bottom-Up. (or inverted Top-Down, because the image show the cooler turned around)
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    Xigmatek Announces Janus Low-profile CPU Cooler

    No it's not, the picture clearly shows that the top fan is in "Top Down" and the bottom fan is in "Bottom Up" direction blowing, so basically... they push air against each other. Bad PR photo's are bad.
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    MSI to Integrate Killer NIC Into Gaming Notebooks and Motherboards

    I wonder how deep MSI can dig to bury itself with that shitty KillerNIC stuff...