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  1. Azumay

    GTX 1060 power consumption from the 6-pin connector

    Your Fujitsu p900 most likely will not handle gtx 1060. You show a 200w power supply data sheet shows 280. https://sp.ts.fujitsu.com/dmsp/Publications/public/ds-ESPRIMO-P900-proGREEN.pdf Video of similar system with a gtx960 Your best option would be a gtx 1050ti. Not sure with your...
  2. Azumay

    GTX750 v.2 (GM206) vs. GTX750Ti (GM107)

    I would wait a few weeks for the rx460 (low end budget), which should be a little better than the gtx 950. The rx 470 is a little bit more in price but should have great performance. The gtx750Ti is a bit stronger than the Maxwell 750.
  3. Azumay

    [Gundam Case Mod] Unicorn Destroy Mod Project

    Thank you for sharing with us. Sounds like a fun mod/build. Welcome to TPU.
  4. Azumay

    Do I need to upgrade from current system for new GTX 1070?

    You are all good for 2-3 yrs ez.
  5. Azumay

    Thank you SeaSonic

    Most of the county's where under state of emergency with Colin coming through. Check around there be some help for you with some of the disaster help. It's a lot searching and contacting, but help is out there. Hopefuly you guys will make do and recoup some of your loss's.
  6. Azumay

    nVidia Fanboy Here - Moving on from GTX 760 2GB - Should I go AMD?

    absolutely the best quote in this thread
  7. Azumay

    X99 Vs Kaby Lake & 4K HDR Gaming

    I would wait. See what zen brings and see what really kaby lake will do. Kaby lake will not really be a tick tock cpu, so doubt if its performance to games will be much better than skylake. Save your money up till late fall and see what new stuff then brings. 1080Ti might be out by then, and...
  8. Azumay

    Waiting for GTX1070 non-reference or buy a GTX980Ti

    There is a review out there. It will give you some idea of performance. http://wccftech.com/nvidia-geforce-gtx-1070-titan-x-killer/
  9. Azumay

    NVIDIA GTX 1080 Founders Edition Owners Complain of Fan Revving Issues

    Exactly. No body forced them to spend what they spent. The "100 dollars" is irrelevant, as people have bought all the supplies out. Bad design and testing, that's another story.
  10. Azumay

    GTX1070 here!

    Some performance numbers on the gtx1070 reference card. http://wccftech.com/nvidia-geforce-gtx-1070-titan-x-killer/ Aib cards will be nice for sure.
  11. Azumay

    Anyone have release dates for the aftermarket 10 series?

    I'm afraid that first ones out will be sold out so fast. Might be 2 weeks(or more...LoL) before things cool down some.
  12. Azumay

    Wanting to upgrade a few parts in my PC, I need help deciding.

    Amd supplies and recommends liquid cooling for fx-9590. There is some really sound reasoning behind that. Same or more fx 8350 @ 5ghz. OP is going to do this only his way, and will get an expensive lesson("lesson" if he learns) from it. That 970 le is a joke. Vrms get hot as hell with a stock...
  13. Azumay

    Wanting to upgrade a few parts in my PC, I need help deciding.

    You can look at the mastercase5. I Just got this 5-6 weeks back, and love it.
  14. Azumay

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Specifications Revealed

    Have to wait for AIB's and see if they will option for gddr5x, and see where the clock speeds on the gpu will be at. Clock speeds of GPU seems a little low, and am hoping its just because of refrence design. Like to see some of the AIB partners go with GDDR5X, and maybe 1900mhz boost.
  15. Azumay

    Will these fit?

    If your going with H110i gt Look at this https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/366008-fractal-design-define-r5-corsair-h110i-gt/ You may run in to issues.
  16. Azumay

    NVIDIA Announces the GeForce GTX 1080, Faster than GTX 980 SLI

    You can bet that they will milk these cards for a long while. Even more so if amd doesn't compete with the 1080, any time soon.
  17. Azumay

    NVIDIA Also Announces $379 "Faster than TITAN X" GTX 1070

    3rd fastest card for 379.00. Yep I'm in. Bargain in my book.
  18. Azumay

    NVIDIA Announces the GeForce GTX 1080, Faster than GTX 980 SLI

    This thing will idle through 1080p. LoL They said better performance than 980 sli. Dang.
  19. Azumay

    Major build change...good, bad or thoughts

    Thanks. 4.6 is rock solid. Still tinkering around. I didn't think I would have liked the m2 ssd, but its nice. Now for the wait for the new gpu's.
  20. Azumay

    Major build change...good, bad or thoughts

    Ok got the new computer in today. Pass prime for an hr. I'll back it down to 4.6, lower volts. Recheck later.
  21. Azumay

    Watercooling for a noob and Quality of Corsair watercoolers

    H100i is a 240 mm radiator. Won't fit a M9 case unless its modded a ton. Not good. H80i is a thick single radiator, with corsair link. Not all that for a stock cpu. H75 has dual fans and has 25mm thick radiator. Might be tight with dual fans. Not needed on a stock cpu or even slightly over...
  22. Azumay

    Watercooling for a noob and Quality of Corsair watercoolers

    "If it works, DONT TOUCH IT!" LoL If you are just wanting to try liquid cooling with corsair H60 will be best. Cheaper and works well. Plenty of reviews on it and some videos on line.
  23. Azumay

    Rat peed on video card, is it possible to fix?

    PCI-E slot maybe. Use cleaner and cycle a card in and out a few times, blow out slot real good. Its so narrow not much can get in there. GPU Look up baked gpu......clean it real good take apart and try baking method. Being its not good at the moment, nothing to lose. Never have baked a card...
  24. Azumay

    Received my 128GB DDR4 kit

    I don't think I could wait to install. LoL Nice kit.