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    Ccc 7.6

    We love driver update. Don't you? :D Regards, Arto.
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    ATI CCC driver v7.6 come out.

    http://ati.amd.com/support/driver.html ATI Catalyst 7.6 Performance Analysis http://www.tweaktown.com/articles/1123/ati_catalyst_7_6_performance_analysis/index.html Regards, Arto.
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    ATI CCC driver v7.6 come out.

    Woohooo..... June 25 2007, ATI CCC driver v7.6 come out! Regards, Arto.
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    ATi Tool

    By right, find max for core and memory speed will stop when artifacts occur. You need to set it lower a bit for stability. But, don't let it run find max for core and memory speed without you next to pc. Some reported burn graphics card because let the find max for core and memory speed...
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    ATI drivers 7.5

    31 May 2007. Just in time for monthly update... Regards, Arto.
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    ATI Catalyst 7.5 Display Driver Released

    6.4? So old? Regards, Arto.
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    can I use usb 2.0 flash memory(drive)to add to my video card memory

    I don't think so. How fast is usb flash drive compare to video card DDR2, DDR3 memory? Regards, Arto.
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    ATI drivers 7.5

    I hope so. Looks like this May 07 no monthly driver. Regards, Arto.
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    What's your programming platform???

    Turbo Pascal. Sometimes Visual C++. Regards, Arto.
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    Video RAM & Resolution

    It is the game developer who write the software to take advantages of big memory for keep its texture, not the graphics card. Regards, Arto.
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    Multimeter Question?

    Screw usually is ground. Regards, Arto.
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    What are the amp requirements for a 16xx card?

    I don't think x16xx is power hunger graphic card. I am using 220w power supply with x1600pro AGP 512MB and it run well. Regards, Arto.
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    Not a big performance jump (9550 to x1650xt agp)

    I notice that too when upgrading from 9500pro to x1600pro. But at least my x1600pro is low base VGA card for Vista. Regards, Arto.
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    Aftermarket VGA cooler installation

    Hehehe...., I check compatibility first when I decide to buy VF900CU for my x1600pro AGP 512MB. I found no compatibility issue until I install the cooler :ohwell: . Anyway, it is not too hard for me as I know electronics as well. Regards, Arto.
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    Aftermarket VGA cooler installation

    Zalman provided good installation procedure to help you install new GPU cooler. I am using VF900CU since last year and found it not too difficult to install. Bare in mind, your card may have something that protruding out that prevent smooth installation. I need to relocate the capacitor on my...
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    Crossfire or no Crossfire choice?

    I hear many problems with game through crossfire configuration. Maybe the driver is not ready yet? Regards, Arto.
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    PCI-e 2.0

    Heh... PCIE v2.0. I am still on my AGP card... Regards, Arto.
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    Will this be a bottleneck?

    IIRC, the agp version use something like AGP to pcie bridge converter chip to translate AGP to native pcie GPU processor. So, I am thinking AGP version should be slower than pcie since you need translator for it to work. Regards, Arto.
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    HSF for Video card suggestions ....

    Buy zalman 120mm fan. It come with the bracket that you can fit it on tray slot. Regards, Arto.
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    Zalman to launch two new VGA coolers

    Great fan. Looks better than my VF900CU. Regards, Arto.
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    Creative responds to Vista questions finally

    It is happen not only on Sound blaster sound card. It is happen too on my onboard Realtec AC97 sound driver too. Yesterday they just launch a new driver. While it is not perfect, finally my audio can come out through the correct channel. Now my days only to check everyday if they launch a...
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    HSF for Video card suggestions ....

    Zalman. Read my signature. Regards, Arto.
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    help for ati x1600 plsssssss

    Read my signature maybe give you an idea how much should you go. But as other already mentioned, it is individual card to perform. You might can not duplicate my speed, or you might can go higher. Regards, Arto.
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    OCZ Unleashes the VBoost USB 2.0 Flash Drive Family Designed for Windows Vista ReadyBoost

    I used sandisk 4GB cruizer mini usb drive for ready boost. It have sticker "optimized for windows Vista Ready Boost". Working well too. I don't know whether ocz is faster than sandisk. But, today RAM is quite cheap. If you have a choice to add 1GB, go for RAM for better performance. Best...
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    Need Driver quick help

    Goto bios and disable onboard graphic card. Download catalyst driver from AMD+ATI Website: https://support.ati.com/ics/support/default.asp?deptID=894 Regards, Arto.