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  1. jaydeee

    Soundless keyboards?

    My keyboards do not sounds when they are new but will get noisy at they get older. :) Guess expensive brands are quieter than ordinary ones.
  2. jaydeee

    Boot Failure Troubleshooting Flowchart

    this is something! Thanks for your knowledge.
  3. jaydeee

    Quickest way to fully clean a desktop.

    I am very sorry for not being specific. :( I usually do it to clean the mostly the outside or casing of the computer. I simply use cotton cloth wet with dishwashing liquid carefully wiping the surface. I also use same procedure in cleaning computer tables. ;)
  4. jaydeee

    Quickest way to fully clean a desktop.

    I use dishwashing liquid soup. amazingly it does the job pretty well.
  5. jaydeee

    Computer Won't Boot Up!

    sounds like power supply problem to me. try isolating you the power supply. you will also have to see if there is no bloated capacitors in the motherboard and graphic card.
  6. jaydeee

    No startup display,computer beeps, screams continuously

    I am also thinking that it has something to do with the cooling system of your processor.
  7. jaydeee

    Dos101's Windows 8 Tablet Review

    Very nice to see the new windows 8... New interface and hopefully brings new opportunities for users.
  8. jaydeee

    Cool screensaver

    I like to screensaver when I was young... like 10 years old, but now that I am working, screensaver has become unnecessary because my computer are too busy already hehehe...
  9. jaydeee

    Internet Explorer 10 RTM Benchmarked

    Graphs shows... :toast:
  10. jaydeee

    Internet Explorer 10 RTM Benchmarked

    Looks like chrome and firefox are still the best even with ie10 :) Thanks for the link.
  11. jaydeee

    Microsoft alters EULA for Win 8

    This is good news! I like their consideration. :) Thanks to the link.
  12. jaydeee

    Good Free Virtual Machine maker

    Im also a fan of virtual box. vmware is also good and used it for sometimes but I'm more familiar with virtual box.
  13. jaydeee

    Laptop driver/reformat question

    suggest that you check your device driver to see what driver are installed to your computer before you go with formatting.
  14. jaydeee

    Laptop Wireless turns off

    guess it has something to do with power management.
  15. jaydeee

    Problem uninstall/reinstall Belkin Wireless Card from Hard Drive

    Guess you may fix it by re-installing it.
  16. jaydeee

    PowerPoint file crashes PowerPoint upon opening

    since this happens in some of the computers only, suggest that you open the file on working computer and copy everything and paste to a new powerpoint file. most of the time it works to me. :)
  17. jaydeee

    Laptop Woes

    I suggest you get your model's manual to see what you're missing.
  18. jaydeee

    Laptop has died

    I would give it another chance with a trusted technician. But before anything more, file recovery should go first.
  19. jaydeee

    Need some help figuring out what to do with this..

    at least you can use it for torrent seeder and downloader.
  20. jaydeee

    Hi res monitors

    Locally it is going down... Looks like the market is playing a big role on this.
  21. jaydeee

    Year Old Build With Problems

    Isolation approach may help you deal with it. Start with RAM then GPU.
  22. jaydeee

    i5 vs i7

    I would grab the opportunity if I were you. :)
  23. jaydeee

    Windows 7 Crashed

    If you could give us what is the BSOD code then it will us help. The way BSOD appears also helps.
  24. jaydeee

    DAS Mechanical Keyboards are amazing!

    this keyboard looks good for testing an encoder... :)
  25. jaydeee

    32" LED or LCD TV for a monitor?

    I would go for LED for power efficiency and brand LG and Samsung is good for me.