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    The Avoid killing your Hardware Thread

    i remember trying to upgrade an old amd cpu and was trying to pry the heatsink clip off the mobo with a screwdriver and ......slipped ! Left a nice deep line in my mobo ! i was so horrified that i tried to pretend it had'nt happened and performed the upgrade anyway hoping that it might still...
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    Zalman CNPS9900 NT

    This looks like my kind of cpu cooler. temps look quite good but main reason is i can fit some nice performance ram in without the cooler blocking the ram slots off like alot of coolers out there. Frustrates me that you can o/c your cpu like mad but you gotta stick with standard ram as...
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    Another what o upgrade thread. BUT, I dont have any money

    Yeah i agree with more ram. what about a cpu cooler and a cheeky oc ? i have read that overclockers club got that processor to 4.3ghz ! I am fairly sure you can mix brands of gpu, especially amd ones. Again i would try and oc your 4890 as i have seen good frames from those babies.