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    partitioning, imaging and transfer speed questions

    First off thanks for reading, and a bit of background. HDD 0: 250GB (10GB recovery partition & 222.78GB OS partition with 148GB USED) HDD1: 149GB partition I want to mirror the 148GB's of the 222GB partition on HDD 0 to the 149GB partition on HDD 1 Understandably I can't mirror...
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    Whats your graphics card history???

    I'm confused lol? do you run several rigs with same GFX cards? build several rigs for friends? REALLY unlucky with DOA cards? I mean you've a total of 12 identical cards there?!?! Anywho, my short history: Geforce2 MX440 Radeon 9600XT GeForce 8600GT Radeon HD4830 hmm... looks...
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    Well folks, just got a 40% boost in gaming.

    [Flame post] LOL HE SAID "CRYSIS" AND "HD2400" If you continue your theme of testing everything on high details, you are going to be looking at 0 - 2 FPS (not actually joking here... HD2400 is about 1/3 to a 1/4 FPS of my old 8600GTS, which got 5 - 7 FPS on 1440x900, 4xAA & all optiosn on very...
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    Question About School Computers

    That will most definately be blocked/locked too. School/college w.e. computers are seriously seriously limited these days
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    Q' about ISO Images of Discs

    Ok, so I only have one disc drive, and always get (can't believe I’m saying this) really annoyed having to constantly swap discs (COD2, COD4 and COD:WAW) so I thought hey, why not stick them on my HDD as ISO images so I can launch without a disk, but I’ve quite a few questions since I haven't...
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    How to FSB in CrystalCPUID?

    ok, well thanks for all the replies. I guess it's back to extremem config editing for COD games, and back to waiting till it all spontaniously blows up and i have a good excuse to step to the better teams... blue & red
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    How to FSB in CrystalCPUID?

    The reason i don't use that is because i have no idea/haven't looked for the ICS number thingy (you know what i mean) on my MOBO. It also looks very limited (i.e. you can only change the FSB, no vcore, multi, etc) I also see no support for any nForce chipsets... Thanks for the reply...
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    How to FSB in CrystalCPUID?

    Basically... HOW THE BLEEP DOES THIS THING WORK LOL :O I can change Vcore and multi by going to "function > K7/K8 multiplier." I am guessing you can't actually fiddle with FSB on this program? I have an OEM BIOS and an OEM MOBO, so am very very limited with options, Vcore being a rather...
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    Benefits of SLI RAM?

    Ohhh... I had always assumed SLI was simply adopted by dual channel kits because more people understand the meaning of SLI than dual channel. Furthermore even if you have no clue, SLI sounds fast, it sounds cutting edge, it sounds good. SLI GFX cards makes a difference, Dual channel RAM makes...
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    Need some tips on OC a q6600 on a MSI P7N SLI Platinum

    From your replies and stuff, it seems as though you haven't read as much as i thought you had. I propose a max FSB test as a very good place to start... (anyone agree/disagree?) Actually, no before that, lets go through the checklist right from the start, have you: Downloaded CPU-Z...
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    Unable to produce 3D view

    hmm... can't delete my own post...
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    Unable to produce 3D view

    Ah ok, cool. Yeh like you say, 1100 really is not pushing 1066 RAM much at all :p Hmm :/ No option whatsoever for actually disabling intergrated video... Oh well, that (and a lot more) is what i get for using an OEM MOBO w/ OEM BIOS :/
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    Unable to produce 3D view

    I'll double check that the 6150 is actually disabled (as opposed to just booting with a preference for PCI-e) but i'm 99.99% sure it is... (P.S. sorry but out of complete un-related interest, how high does your G.Skill 1066 clock? thanks :))
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    Need some tips on OC a q6600 on a MSI P7N SLI Platinum

    Ah ****. Just wrote almost pages on this to help you, and just realised i'd misread the question :p On intel CPUs (as opposed to AMD's HT system) there is a "FSB" and a "rated FSB." 1066 is the "rated FSB." To get the FSB that is times by multi to get clock speed, you need to divide rated FSB...
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    Unable to produce 3D view

    When I hit "scan for artifacts/show 3d view" 95% of the time i get an error message saying: "The video card you selected for overclocking does not seem to be used by windows. Visual testing has been disabled. To fix this, go to display properties, settings and enable video output of card."...