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    HD 7950 May Give Higher Framerates, but GTX 660 Ti Still Smoother: Report

    Sad I'm sad now, i have a 7950 Windforce. In Skyrim with 12.8, it had sometimes a small stuttering, i have updated to 12.10 and the stuttering increased in outside areas (not in the cities, in the cities it runs smoothly, but in some caves the stuttering appears, weird). I boughted it in...
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    HD 7950 May Give Higher Framerates, but GTX 660 Ti Still Smoother: Report

    That stuttering After reading the review amd all the comments (both on TPU and techreport), I had the preconception that 660ti is stutter-free. Well, i watched the videos (both 120hz and 240hz videos) and i ended up with the conclusion (as i said, thinking that 660ti has more "magic" to it...
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    Gigabyte Preps Another Custom-Cooled GeForce GTX 670

    It has stock frequencies, probably the chips don't overclock that well (worse ASIC?), so this series is made of slightly worse binned 670 (with worse ASIC). I don't see other reason for releasing another 670 but with stock frequencies.
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    Samsung Electronics Announces Third Quarter 2012 Earnings Results

    Income 52.18 trillion South Korean won is around 47.5 billion U.S. dollars, wich is pretty impressive.
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    Gigabyte's U2142 Windows 8 Convertible Ultrabook Gets Detailed

    Window 8 As i understand, this ultrabook will run Windows 8 x86 version, not the ARM version Windows RT. It would be interesting to runthe normal desktop programs on a tablet-like-laptop, especially with that screen tilting and switching,
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    TechPowerUp Application Now on Android Market

    love it Yap just downloaded the app on my Samsung Galaxy S2, love it :) Keep on improving it :) PS: the first review i read using the app is the review on AMD Radeon 7850 & 7870 :))