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  1. Tartaros

    Web Cryptocurrency Mining Evolves: Now Keeps Running After Closing Browser

    I suppose viruses nowadays target other vulnerabilites, maybe going with a really outdated OS is not that compromising, I don't know. And about the second part I don't think it was safer before, my mother had her money stolen from her bank account about 15 years ago and was because her laptop...
  2. Tartaros

    Web Cryptocurrency Mining Evolves: Now Keeps Running After Closing Browser

    Ah, the memories. Then you would go clicking making things worse. I feel like I'm 15 with all this shit happening. I suppose with the growing awareness of virus, don't going into strange sites and using antivirus there is a lot of people who forgot or don't know the basics.
  3. Tartaros

    Microsoft Xbox One X Falls Short of Expectations in Japan - Again

    They have different game tastes, if you don't offer something appealing to them of course they will pass. The 360 started to be noticed when an exclusive about idols was launched, it became a pretty popular series even spawning an anime. The psp and vita survive there thanks to a massive...
  4. Tartaros

    Razer Reveals D.Va Inspired Gaming Peripherals for Overwatch Fans

    I think some of you should look for some dva images before stating the obvious. Of course merchandising based on her would be girly xD
  5. Tartaros

    StarCraft 2 Becomes Free-to-Play Starting November 14

    @trparky I played wings of liberty on a phenom II x4, 8gb ram and a hd5870, maxed out, no framedrops. I played the 2 expansions on an ivy bridge i7 quad core, 16gb ram, gtx970, maxed out, no framedrops. I played multiplayer for some time on the ivy bridge, even in my laptop which is an ivy...
  6. Tartaros

    EA Forces Shut-Down of Fan-Run Servers for no Longer Supported Battlefield Games

    They could have gone the Unreal 3 way: release a patch allowing creating and joining customs servers and let the community do the rest. If Epic can do it for a single game, EA can do for his entire franchise, almost a million users is not something to scoff at.
  7. Tartaros

    IBM Research Achieves Breakthrough in Magnetic Storage: Enabling a 330TB Tape

    They are the most reliable storage device if managed properly. Now I have a question, how much time would a c64 take to read those 330tb of data xD
  8. Tartaros

    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X Overclocked to 4.1 GHz With Liquid Cooling

    Almost no existant input lag with those, those exist because people wanted vsync without input lag xD. The only moment they can lag is below low fps threshold and those type of games aren't usually very demanding, in fact is common to quit eye candy.
  9. Tartaros

    Where's My Bitcoin? "Cerber" Ransomware Starts Stealing Cryptocurrency Wallets

    The problem started when the barriers and balances were taken out for the sake of "freedom". What common people didn't realize is when some of these people shouted "freedom" they really meant "law of the jungle", as they are the modern predators. And now if you try to put some sanity through...
  10. Tartaros

    AMD Vega Microarchitecture Technical Overview

    It's also a surname and a small village in Spain xD
  11. Tartaros

    How to keep fans of Asus Gtx 970 always in action?

    Probably you considered this already, but stoping fans is not just for having less noise, it extends its lifespan by using them only when needed. And nowadays automatic temp control is very advanced, your card isn't going to suffer if it stops the fans when unneeded. Just a reminder.
  12. Tartaros

    Blizzard in Process of Remastering Diablo 2, Warcraft 3

    I think is the one that needs a remaster more than any other oldie. Old 3d games age like shit, 2d not so much. Even warcraft 2 doesn't look bad compared to nowadays standards in indie games.
  13. Tartaros

    Xbox One X Hardware Specs Give Gaming Desktops a Run for their Money

    That's why console fps have autoaim and have bigger hitboxes? Comparing widowmakers in console and pc can be a painful experience. But whatever. You know, this is what has happened every single time a console was released and lasted for a few months. The only reason this time it will last for...
  14. Tartaros

    Calyos Showcases Its NSG S0 Phase Change Cooling Chassis at Computex 2017

    Graphene might do that. Maybe next half century :laugh:
  15. Tartaros

    ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Mini Pictured

    Because in my case the gpu slot is very close to the side panel, there is no room for 3 slot cards unless I quit the side panel but I can fit larger gpus with enough room. That's why I said it depends on the case you use, you can fit big gpus in many mini itx setups.
  16. Tartaros

    ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Mini Pictured

    Depends of the case, I can perfectly fit a large card in mine. The only cards a I can't fit without quitting the side panel are the 3 slot types.
  17. Tartaros

    Blizzard Pays Generous Bounty for Original Starcraft "Gold Master" Source CD

    I don't want to know how much blizzard would pay if he decided not to show that disc until decades later.
  18. Tartaros

    LG Introduces the 43UD79-B Display - 43", 4K, IPS, 60 Hz, Freesync

    It still takes less space than 4 monitors, also less energy and cables. The concept is in the photo, use a single monitor for working tasks that require several monitors and/or computers, it can output 4 different video inputs at once.
  19. Tartaros

    id Software Talks AMD Ryzen, Hints at Heavily Optimized New Game Engine

    I soiled my pants there. I really miss Soldier of Fortune.
  20. Tartaros

    Good free security combo

    Wow, didn't expect such quick answer, thank you all. Yeah, I tried it. Is just the interface has changed so much and has ads it backed me out at first. But is the same as always, so in the malware department I'm right. I've been toying with the codomo firewall and once I uninstalled the...
  21. Tartaros

    Good free security combo

    I've been using kaspersky for years since it offers enough security and discounts for being a recurrent user, so I have been out of touch of free security solutions. I have an old pc that I will use from time to time for office and little else but I don't want to pay another kaspersky license...
  22. Tartaros

    StarCraft Available For Free From Blizzard, Nearly 20 Years After Launch

    An upgrade to 16mb and you would have played it. It run perfectly on 486 unless you wanted to do big armies.
  23. Tartaros

    NVIDIA Readies the GeForce GT 1030 to Compete with Radeon RX 550

    We need another extremely beautiful yet bad optimized game for modern jokes. Even low end cards can run crysis now, how disappointing. Where are you crytek?
  24. Tartaros

    Western Digital Unveils Its First WD Portable SSD

    The 256 gb ssd is almost 30$ more over 256 gb 3.0 flash drives. Not sure why this would be interesting to someone apart of the built in encryption.