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    For quad-channel setups&dual-rank memory: better performance?

    I've read articles about dual channel systems exhibiting higher performance with dual-rank DIMM's (or even 4 single rank DIMM's). Does this also extend to quad-channel setups?
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    Some eSATA questions

    Is eSATA faster or slower in terms of bandwidth than USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 in practical usage (I figure USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 must have more overhead than SATA III but I could be wrong)? I've read to use SATA III over eSATA you can't have a cable longer the 1m. What are the cabling length limitations...
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    Nvidia's low latency mode

    I used to think the low latency mode settings were basically irrelevant, except for Crysis 3, where setting low latency mode to ultra made 50% to 100% differences in minimum FPS and GPU usage from having low latency mode set to on. I also noticed setting low latency mode to ultra in the Metro...
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    4-channel DDR4/DDR3 memory tuning

    For 4-channel HEDT (I'm not sure if that's also the term to apply to AMD) is the emphasis on RAM tuning to get the latency as low as possible (since you already have incredible bandwidth)? According to memtest86 my old 3820k at 4.2 Ghz. with 4-channel DDR3-2000 gets nearly twice the bandwidth...
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    DDR3 questions

    1. was 1866Mhz. the fastest DDR3 memory ever manufactured? 2. what was the upper bound on the frequency DDR3 could be overclocked to on say sandybridge (and sandybridge-e) or broadwell (and broadwell-e)?
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    When DDR5 memory becomes dominant what happens to DDR4 pricing?

    I seem to remember when DDR4 become the dominant standard, high-end DDR3 kits didn't become cheaper they became more expensive and harder to get at least initially (although now they're dirt cheap). Will the same pattern be followed as DDR5 becomes dominant?
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    Is SATA II sufficient for HDD's?

    Would a SATA III external eSATA or USB 3.0 enclosure make any noticeable difference in performance over a SATA II external eSATA or USB 2.0 enclosure for HDD's?
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    How much power do you save running SSD's vs. HDD

    For example, if you have a 2TiB HDD and a 2 TiB SSD how much less power does the SSD take to operate overall? Half? Or more?
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    Anyone ever use Intel Memory Latency Checker?

    The interesting thing about this software is that it while it does report a single idle memory latency metric it also reports "loaded" memory latencies at different memory bandwidth levels. It also works under Linux as well as Windows...
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    Discharge cones and air inlet grills for axial fans

    These passive noise reduction devices are normally used in large industrial and agricultural applications but would they make a difference if used in PC's? There are also large custom made discharge cones for industrial fans that also act as mufflers (and look vaguely like straight through...
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    AMD Arcturus GPU

    According to the TPU GPU database it's pretty impressive. Will anything based on it be coming to the consumer GPU market?
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    Are professional graphics cards advantageous to cryptomining?

    By professional graphics cards I mean the uber-expensive Quadro and RTX A6000 models from Nvidia or the Radeon Instinct MI100 ("the world's fastest HPC GPU") from AMD. I realize the cost outlay is crazy (but relatively not so bad now due to the GPUpocalypse) but could the halo performance of...
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    Two questions about HBM2 memory and consumer videocards

    I really admired AMD for trying out new technology with HBM2 and was disappointed to see it come and go so fast. It would've been interesting to see a 6900xt class GPU with HBM2, more CU's in place of the Infinity Cache and HBM2 instead of GDDR6. 1. So will AMD or Nvidia I guess ever be...
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    What happens to RMA's for late model videocards?

    If no one has stock, how do manufacturers handle RMA's for late model videocards?
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    Asus Strix XOC VBIOS for Turing and Ampere?

    For my 1080ti the Asus Strix XOC VBIOS was the real key to unlocking overclocking performance, it eliminated my problems with vRel, Pwr and vOp perfcaps. Are there any equivalent Asus Strix XOC VBIOS's for Turing or Ampere that can be cross-flashed?