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    AMD Outs Radeon RX 6800 XT Midnight Black Edition—Already Out of Stock

    "The card briefly appeared on the AMD store, allegedly, and disappeared before the first legitimate graphics card buyer could lift a finger." I was able to snag one of these cards. I am a legitimate gamer. This seems a little on the snarky side here. I get it. These cards are hard to get...
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    LG to Close Mobile Phone Business Worldwide

    Certainly didn't help the Velvet on sales world wide but here in Canada unlocked phone's from non Chinese manufacturers are typically carrier offered and locked including the Velvet. And of course the cost of phones from the big manufacturers can also be very prohibitive here. The phone...
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    LG to Close Mobile Phone Business Worldwide

    This is sad to see. Their latest phone, Velvet, was a great overall value. Incredible display and average power and decent battery life for a budget price. Mine recently even got the upgrade to Android 11 and is getting regular security updates so the support is there.
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    Toshiba Officially Exits the Laptop Business

    I still have my Toshiba Satellite A10 with the notorious furnace of a CPU the Pentium 4 M running at 2GHz. It still runs today and got me through college quite nicely. Their quality has suffered over the years but back in the day they were who you went to when HP and Compaq were competing to...