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    Project Ionic - a very interesting PC

    How do you power this on? External power supply? This is very tempting.
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    Major Hardware 3D Fan Contest

    I'm sure you have seen this. Major Hardware is petitioning people to design their own 3d printed fans. It is pretty exciting since one of the makers almost challenged Noctua 12x25, so there is plenty of reason to go and watch it.
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    Why Intel CPU's run at 95°C and why AMD's should, also

    The original study is from AMD's forum and it is a response to a hung up query. Noctua, AMD and GN's technology journalists have attended to the question of why AMD runs hot. I'm going to prove it on a third party case study. You can access individual company takes on the question in the hereby...
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    Ryzen Master Performance Boost Overdrive EDC vs. PPT showdown

    Hi, https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/cnykxh/3700x_frequencyvoltajepower_on_pbo_custom/ I just found this on Reddit which I happened to consider to be useful for comparison's sake between EDC vs. PPT settings. Normally, you would think power regulation via PPT should fare better. That is...