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    For quad-channel setups&dual-rank memory: better performance?

    I've read articles about dual channel systems exhibiting higher performance with dual-rank DIMM's (or even 4 single rank DIMM's). Does this also extend to quad-channel setups?
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    how much space do I need to Chia be profitable?

    FUD eh? https://www.elliptic.co/blog/bitcoin-money-laundering
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    Intel Study: Diversity and Inclusion in Gaming

    I had thought the Boy Scouts -- at least in the USA -- were finished? They filed for bankruptcy.
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    MSI Confirms GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti SUPRIM Series

    Who cares? It's not like anyone is going to be able to buy one, much less buy one for anything like MSRP.
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    how much space do I need to Chia be profitable?

    Gold mining produces something of actual use (it's used minimally in electronics) as does the banking industry (loans to expand businesses, personal loans, mortgages, jobs to service all those needs etc.) . What goods or services does any type of cryptocurrency create (aside from money...
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    Some eSATA questions

    Technically my z390 board doesn't have eSATA, but since my case does, all I had to do was connect that cable to a SATA III port and set that port in BIOS to removable. It's only running at SATA II speeds because of the limitations of my external enclosure. In both my Asrock Extreme 4 x79 and my...
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    how much space do I need to Chia be profitable?

    No the proper response is who is wasting more power.
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    how much space do I need to Chia be profitable?

    I've heard this argument before. How many people game 24-7-365? No one I've ever known and no one I've ever known has even come close to 1/5 of that figure.
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    Some eSATA questions

    Is eSATA faster or slower in terms of bandwidth than USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 in practical usage (I figure USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 must have more overhead than SATA III but I could be wrong)? I've read to use SATA III over eSATA you can't have a cable longer the 1m. What are the cabling length limitations...
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    How are you all coping with increasing PC hardware and tech prices around the world?

    I bought some games I never would've considered buying back in 2018-2019: limbo, little nightmares and inside. I figured I'd never be playing another side-scroller again.
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    Nvidia's low latency mode

    That's another question lynx29 why do you have to have G-sync and Vsync on? I thought G-sync already did what vsync does?
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    Nvidia's low latency mode

    I used to think the low latency mode settings were basically irrelevant, except for Crysis 3, where setting low latency mode to ultra made 50% to 100% differences in minimum FPS and GPU usage from having low latency mode set to on. I also noticed setting low latency mode to ultra in the Metro...
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    Why did we abandon hydrogen cars so quickly?

    It required pressure above and beyond atmospheric to inflate the gas bladders that held the H gas. The gas bladders themselves became pressurized because they supported the entire weight of the Hindenburg! As Newton once said for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The gas...
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    Why did we abandon hydrogen cars so quickly?

    Fuel? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
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    Why did we abandon hydrogen cars so quickly?

    Wouldn't the walls of the container apply pressure? Because if they didn't the H gas would just continue expanding. I'd say the walls of the containing bladder are applying force to the H gas contained because H gas has a much lighter molecular weight than air. Then of course that force is, in...
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    Why did we abandon hydrogen cars so quickly?

    The gas bladders in the Hindenburg were inflated with H, the mere fact of they're inflating the bladders would result in some compression wouldn't it?
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    Why did we abandon hydrogen cars so quickly?

    Compressed H gas certainly made for an explosive situation w/the Hindenburg. What could H gas compressed considerably more do if it began leaking? Or if the tank containing the H gas were to be crushed in a car accident and rupture?
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    i tested the influence of cache overclocking for Gaming. (Cache beats Core) R6 Siege.

    I've seen similar results in a youtube video but for an 8700k and a much greater differential in uncore speed:
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    Xiaomi no Longer Blacklisted by the US Government

    Is there any reason not to trust PRC designed and manufactured smartphones over those merely manufactured in the PRC? I had thought all smarthphones were manufactured in the PRC? If there are smartphones manufactured in the ROC or S. Korea I would certainly rather buy those.
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    Intel Xe HP "Arctic Sound" 1T and 2T Cards Pictured

    The memory bandwidth for Intel's HBM2e memory isn't very impressive considering what AMD did with their Radeon VII.
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    DDR3 questions

    Thanks I got ivy bridge mixed up with broadwell. 2400Mhz. is still pretty good. Did it do 2400Mhz. with better latencies than that seen on later DDR4 architectures?
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    4-channel DDR4/DDR3 memory tuning

    For 4-channel HEDT (I'm not sure if that's also the term to apply to AMD) is the emphasis on RAM tuning to get the latency as low as possible (since you already have incredible bandwidth)? According to memtest86 my old 3820k at 4.2 Ghz. with 4-channel DDR3-2000 gets nearly twice the bandwidth...
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    DDR3 questions

    1. was 1866Mhz. the fastest DDR3 memory ever manufactured? 2. what was the upper bound on the frequency DDR3 could be overclocked to on say sandybridge (and sandybridge-e) or broadwell (and broadwell-e)?
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    When DDR5 memory becomes dominant what happens to DDR4 pricing?

    I seem to remember when DDR4 become the dominant standard, high-end DDR3 kits didn't become cheaper they became more expensive and harder to get at least initially (although now they're dirt cheap). Will the same pattern be followed as DDR5 becomes dominant?
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    DRAM Revenue for 1Q21 Undergoes 8.7% Increase QoQ Thanks to Increased Shipment as Well as Higher Prices, Says TrendForce

    How about an oligopoly then? Like OPEC? The number of DRAM module manufacturers can be counted on the fingers of one hand. https://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/121514/what-are-major-differences-between-monopoly-and-oligopoly.asp An oligopoly would be harder to prove because, by it's very...