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    Incorrect memory speed detection 6900 XT with newest driver

    I updated my AMD driver to the latest version (Adrenalin 2020 Edition 21.3.2 Optional - 3/29/2021) And now GPU-Z shows memory speed at 0 MHz and bandwidth as unknown. Reverting back to older driver fixes the issue
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    Is recording with Navi different from Vega?

    Hello I'm wondering if the quality and/or any other properties are different when a file is recorded with a Navi (5500/5700) and Vega 56/64 - when using ReLive Based on specs I see that Navi uses Video Core Next and Vega uses VCE. I can't seem to find a lot of info on AMD's video recording...
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    GPU-Z Sometimes blue, sometimes red

    This may be the stupidest post ever, but... sometimes when I launch GPU-Z, the sensor data is red and sometimes its blue. I've tried this with various versions, and only 2.13.0 and 2.14.0 seem to show blue? Would be kinda neat to have Blue = Intel (U)HD / Red = AMD / Green = Nvidia or custom...
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    I need more SC perf. out of my 1600X

    Hey guys. As the title says, I need to get more single core performance out of my Ryzen 1600X The expensive, and atm impossible option would be to get an Intel mobo plus a CPU like 8086k which can SC boost to 5GHz. But I'm very short on $$ right now so best I can do is overclock my 1600X...
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    Question for ReLIVE / VCE users

    Hello I'm wondering if any of you wonderful people that are using AMD's video recording ReLIVE can help me with a thing. I currently record my video games with Shadowplay, but looking to build another system - I need to know what kind of settings and stuff ReLIVE records with Specifically, I...
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    NVMe and AHCI? New system SSD + HDD

    Hey guys. I'm building my brother's new PC and he is gonna have a Samsung 960 EVO m.2 SSD which is NVMe and a 1TB 7200 Hard Drive. How would I set up the drives? Considering I'm mixing both NVMe and AHCI? My bro hasn't decided on the exact motherboard/cpu combo yet, either Intel's Z270 or...
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    Need help understanding SMART info

    Hi guys. As the title says. I need help understanding the SMART info of my two drives. I've had these things for a while and I am not sure how well they've aged. I've got all new gear and I wanna give the old SSD and HDD to my brother, but I'm not sure if they are reliable enough after all...
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    VRel VOp and CUDA detect on 980Ti Classified

    Hello. I got a question and a bug report re: GPU-Z 086 Question: When it shows that performance is capped due to VRel and VOp. Does it mean that the video card isn't recieving enough power or correct power? Does it mean the PSU is the problem or the video card? Using EVGA 700B on the EVGA...
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    POST problems. Continious buzz

    Hello everyone! So I got a new video card for the holidays as a gift. EVGA 980Ti Classified. I put together a system with some new parts and..... bs happens. Sometimes when I press the power button to start the PC, It gives me one beep as normal and boots. But 1 of 3 times when I do that...
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    Bluetooth headset as a 3.5mm mic?

    Hello everyone. I got a weird question for ya. I've tried several BT headsets as microphones for in-game communication, VOIP chat, vent, etc. I've tried Plantronics M55, M70, Some Bluetooth 4.0 headset with "HD audio" and some old Nokia models, bunch of em with various protocol support...
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    Powering ADSL modem with AA batteries while charging?

    Hello everyone. Really weird question regarding rechargable batteries and powering a DSL modem. I recently had a power outage, my laptop managed to last quite a while on its battery, but the DSL modem was off. The super old UPS that powered it died a while ago and I dont have the $$ necessary...
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    WoW patch 6.1 and Anti-aliasing. Should I upgrade my GPU?

    Hello everyone. Some of you may know that 6.1 is right around the corner and its introducing new graphical options. These options include MSAA SSAA, new ambient lighting effects and other stuff. Anyway, my current PC cant run 6.0.3 at Ultra settings at 1920x1080 right now. And I was wondering...
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    PCI Express network adapter

    Okay so here is whats going on. I need a new network adapter. The one I want is PCI-Express x1 however my mobo only has PCI-Express x4 are these two compatible or not? Tried searching around and didnt get an answer. Maybe im using the wrong keywords or something. alternatively i could...