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  1. naram-sin

    Microsoft Announces Availability of Windows Upgrade Offer

    I don't think "preinstalled" is the key here. Because, you can always ask for your retailer to sell you and OEM version (he could, really :-) ). That way, I think, this promo would work for you as well. But keep in mind it's an OEM, so there is no license transfer to an eventual new machine.
  2. naram-sin

    Tobacco-Style Warning on Video Games Proposed by US Bill

    Is there no end to U.S. politicians amnestying parents of all and any liability/responsibility for their children's upbringing, education and well-being?! I'm sorry to say this, but here I automatically remembered of Greg Proops; he said that, and I only (almost) quote,: "it's no wonder all...
  3. naram-sin

    Did NVIDIA Originally Intend to Call GTX 680 as GTX 670 Ti?

    You guys would make my day if not for the rest of this (should I say it?! f**boy?!) crowd. This is what we got from AMD before, Intel now, and obviously: ATI(AMD) and nVIDIA all the time. There is just one slight difference, an error in judgment if you will: nVIDIA should of priced it higher...
  4. naram-sin

    MSI Radeon HD 7970 Lightning Overclocked to 1800 MHz Core, 7.70 GHz Memory

    Meaning you'll settle nicely with I dunno... 1500 MHz @ -70°C? :D Just joking... who knows, someday, maybe in a retirement home, we'll make do with 2GHz GPU under stock cooling...:cool: Actually, I just can't wait to see this compared to 680 :D
  5. naram-sin

    Windows 8 Launches in October, x86 and ARM Simultaneously

    Actually, after I gave it a thorough thought, I completely disagree. I think that, since I am left-to-right reading person, for me it is more "natural" that logo starts narrow on the left and then gets wider to the right. I dunno, it just kinda feels "right"... :o
  6. naram-sin

    Windows 8 Launches in October, x86 and ARM Simultaneously

    Using Win 8 Consumer Preview on my business laptop for a week now and it works really well... subjectively, I think it's more responsive than 7 and although I was skeptical and initially annoyed with Metro on a desktop OS, I can say that it really takes a day or two to get used to it. And...
  7. naram-sin

    ASUS Introduces the K93SM 18.4-inch Notebook

    This is a desktop replacement lap, and, if I've seen correctly it can even take in one 3.5" HDD. It would be great to see if you can put in one 2TB HDD...
  8. naram-sin

    Nokia Windows 8 Tablet Concept Art Surfaces

    Well, although there are some resemblances (blue color and a wider black bezel), it is actually based on Lumia 800:
  9. naram-sin

    LG Joins the Ultrabook Club, Unveils the Xnote Z330

    To me it looks like 100% PS job.
  10. naram-sin

    AMD Still Committed To x86 - But Not In High End Desktop

    I get it erocker, and thanks for joining those damned posts together... :-) There's one thing i learned in a past couple of months. My engineers can handle anything. From learning how to deploy new MS tech as a pilot in a matter of days (if there's enough motivation) to querying and researching...
  11. naram-sin

    AMD Still Committed To x86 - But Not In High End Desktop

    Hmmm, there's some crystal ball stuff here... but, judging from relevant practices, I can only guesstimate that AMD is leaving server/Opteron in the dry... High-perf desktop was a parallel to server tech solutions up until now... And, I guess that: - either AMD's gonna continue mainstream...
  12. naram-sin

    Pirate Becomes Youngest EU Parliamentarian, Vows to Fight Archaic Laws and Mindsets

    nuff said. :) And by 'power' you meant cash, right? :)
  13. naram-sin

    Pirate Becomes Youngest EU Parliamentarian, Vows to Fight Archaic Laws and Mindsets

    A wench is a wench, be she on land or sea... errr, Sweden or Baltic... I wouldn't go that far to include "skilled in economics" at today's politician's feature/bug list. With system being intentionally and inherently flawed from the start, it is somewhat illogical to expect from children of...
  14. naram-sin

    Genius Announces DX Eco Battery-Free Wireless Mouse

    In principle, I agree, but someone mentioned "...office...". I think it gave out this mouse's major area of advantage. And I doubt it is intended for gaming purposes. Great idea, though. And I am somewhat specially pleased that Genius is one to release this kind of idea to serial manufacturing...
  15. naram-sin

    ASRock Shows Off First LGA2011 Micro-ATX Motherboard

    Exactly, but cheaper, though. And there's that old PCI slot... Manufacturers like AsRock can't go legacy-free and risk loosing even a smallest market niche (unlike EVGA).
  16. naram-sin

    EVGA X79 FTW Motherboard Pictured

    Nooo, I think you're referring to backwards compatibility of PCIe 3.0 with older PCIe 2.1, 2.0, 1.1 and 1.0a versions. 32-bit PCI (last version 2.3) is completely different story. No it won't. You won't be able to use them in PCIe slots. ;) Sorry, but for myself, it means I'm a bit out...
  17. naram-sin

    EVGA X79 FTW Motherboard Pictured

    PCI (2.3) is dead, dead for EVGA, I tells ya... :cool:
  18. naram-sin

    Review Consensus: AMD FX Processor 8150 Underwhelming

    Dammit, AMD... Unless you've got a big fat furry, super fast, gonna-kill-the-turtle-now rabbit in your ginormous hat, I'll be forced to skip this bull-crap of yours during next couple of years....
  19. naram-sin

    Review Consensus: AMD FX Processor 8150 Underwhelming

    OMG, AMD, this sucks for me... was a fan-boy, now I'll be just a blower... :( EDIT: BTW, didn't AMD boast with their single threader performance a while a go?! Not HT but anyway double the processing power?! I dunno... I feel let down although still a fan-boy... :(
  20. naram-sin

    Steve Jobs No More

    :D Agreed, word-to-word :D R.I.P. S.J.
  21. naram-sin

    Steve Jobs No More

    I wouldn't know where to start on this... It IS weird, although cancer spreads, well, like cancer, primarily among "ordinary people", and at suspiciously fast rate as well as on suspiciously wide global scale... except for those rural, globally detached places... never mind... although not a big...
  22. naram-sin

    GeIL Intros Enhance Corsa and Evo Corsa Series DDR3 Memory Lines

    Stickers make them cool (better)... :D
  23. naram-sin

    Noctua Displays Large Downdraft Type CPU Cooler Prototype

    I don't know much on this and it's been a few beers, but i would always roll a dice on a top-down cooler. I had a few, and my mobo was always happy. :D Tower coolers lack the ability to cool the surroundings, although I know, it's not what they are aimed at. But i would expect from this kind of...
  24. naram-sin

    ASUS C1X79 EVO LGA2011 Motherboard Pictured

    Yesss! No PCI ports, no PS/2! Way to put another nail into legacy's coffin, Asus! :D (I just hope production version stays on this track).
  25. naram-sin

    Gigabyte GA-Z68-UD3H-B3 Motherboard Pictured

    no pcie x4?! what kind of bs is that?! :wtf: and i guess you won't be able to use 2nd pcie x16 together with a vga card, other than xfire or sli... too bad... and i am waiting for a solid z68 board to house an adaptec pcie x4 raid controller...