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    Choosing an upgrade path - GPU or CPU+MOBO+RAM?

    Deffinetely a modern GPU is a must today. Went from 780 to a 1080Ti and no more lag even on an old amd platform.
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    afterburner dosnt allow to change the values for rx580 8gb

    Well, explain this.... On the picture AB is running with beta blockchain drivers and all sliders are working, especially on 8GB version of RX580...
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    Gigabyte Preps GeForce GTX 680 OC with 4 GB of Memory

    Look at the given pictures.... and hope this time they use more quality fans...
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    Gigabyte Preps GeForce GTX 680 OC with 4 GB of Memory

    And the cooling is again with these cheap fans.... everflow, which some have a deffect as they are made in factory.
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    TechPowerUp Application Now on Android Market

    And I've got a very nice looking on Galaxy Note for this app. It's very useful to keep in touch when I'm away from PC.
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    AMD FX-8150 3.60 GHz

    Well, it's not bad at all, especially at it's price, this is excellent choice for cheap and fast. Glad to have it!
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    ASUS Introduces the O!Play TV Pro Smart TV Set Top Box

    I think this product doesn't make sense. Every TV already has these features and especially the higher class models have verything which this asus device provides. Only except hdd but this is not a pain to die.
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    Gigabyte Displays its X79 High-End Motherboard Lineup at IDF

    14 SATA ports!!! And now I have only 10 on my current mobo....
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    BitFenix Introduces Outlaw Mid-Tower Gaming Case

    The idea for flipped ATX case is pretty much old. In fact I have one of these types. It's a nice idea to see something not standard :) here is a picture of it. But for 50$ a flipped case it's not bad at all, besides mine is much more expensive...