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    Grim Dawn ( Titan Quest \ Diablo fans )

    There isn't one, it's currently in pre-alpha. They are aiming for august 2013 I think. Looking forward to this, should be excellent.
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    Do you use desktop speakers or headset for gaming?

    still got the old turtle beach hpa2 5.1 set. since I have a auzentech forté, and therefore have 2 channels idling, I've been looking at the razer 7.1 set for a possible upgrade. I wonder how it's like. I also have z-5500 but they only get used when I'm not alone.
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    EIZO Launches FORIS FS2333 Gaming PC Monitor

    more 60hz clutter.
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    Razer Onza or Microsoft controller for Windows?

    I have both. the microsoft one has incredibly loose joysticks. I can't play a racing game without setting up a dead zone. the razer doesn't. otherwise, the razer has meatier triggers, the face buttons are mouse clicks so that's obviously superior, it's more comfortable. the d-pad is very good as...
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    ROCCAT Kave 5.1 Gaming Headset

    I came in this review, expecting no direct comparison with its closest competitor, the Z6a, or the industry standard, the discontinued HPA2. It delivered. :banghead:
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    Will you wait for NVIDIA's next-generation Kepler GPU?

    Voted wait but there's one thing that could possibly make me get a 680 to replace my 580, and that is massively reduced performance loss in 3d vision.
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    Ultrasone Signature PRO Headphones Launch in North America

    They use the same plastic for all their products regardless of price and it is easily the highest quality plastic I've seen on headphones.
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    Ultrasone Signature PRO Headphones Launch in North America

    I would say that I love my pro900 with audiophile level recordings of electronic music. :toast: I'm not sure this new model will fare well against the pro900, which has better specs for 800$ less in exchange for less luxurious materials. I think they look better too. This is a far cry from...
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    Original Half Life Re-Ported

    HL source is a mixed bag for me. it has improved lighting, transparent water like in hl2, and basic ragdoll physics for models, but it also comes with a few annoying bugs, like scripted animations that don't work or music tracks cutting off before the end when there are loadings. but the best...
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    Xigmatek Elysium

    the whole thing feels like a homage to the first model of CM Stacker to me, which is still my case since '05. back then I said I wouldn't change it until 2014 but this might make me change my mind. superb case...
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    What made you get into Pc life?

    the first PC my mom bought was a pentium 133, I was 13. at one point I upgraded it with a voodoo banshee which came with the first three chapters of half-life. needless to say I forgot about my n64 and ps1 rather quickly, especially when I started playing quake, unreal tournament and tribes soon...
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    How much difference does a good soundcard really make?

    as a professional sound technician, and hobbyist electronic music producer, I can affirm that comparing any onboard sound card, to, for example, my auzentech forté is like vhs vs blu-ray. figuratively, my old creative x-fi was 100x better than onboard sound. my current forté is another 10x...
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    *TPU's Gaming Headphone/Headset Thread*

    Hey there mister, just a quick question for you... for 4 years I have been using the turtle beach hpa2 which is similar to the Kave, and of course I couldn't live without it anymore. however I have thought of upgrading it quite a few times, and the Kave is certainly a contender, what I have not...
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    New headphones, should I get an AMP?

    I recommend the Audio-GD FUN DAC/Amp, I use the older Compass model with my pro900 ultrasones and it's really great.
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    Stereo Widening

    I know there was this plugin for foobar2000, should not be hard to find, that could wrap VST plug-ins, so you could use that with the voxengo stereo touch free vst.
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    ASUS Adds Rumble Impact to Gaming and Multimedia with CineVibe Headphones

    lol @ asus marketing. I'm sure these tiny, usb, stereo pieces of junk are miles ahead of my turtle beach hpa2 5.1, or any other proper gaming cans :laugh:
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    Sound card to drive high-end headset.

    I'd get either the Claro or the Auzentech Prelude and switch the opamp to an OPA627. or just skip the sound card part and get a real headphone amp if you're just going to play in stereo, I have the audio-gd compass and I love it.
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    5.1/7.1 Gaming head sets

    You have strictly no idea what you are talking about. "Games that fully support 5.1?" WOW are those out yet? Come on. It is quite idiotic in my opinion to judge surround sets when you only have tried the Zalmans, that would be like judging cars when you only drove a Lada. 99% you say? Your post...
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    5.1/7.1 Gaming head sets

    I think he was kidding, those are xbox stereo headphones. The surround PC model is the HPA2 or the AkR8. BTW kursah DT880s are meant for music production and have a flat frequency response, so they're not supposed to be heavy on bass, but I'll say that the 600ohm version driven on decent amp...
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    5.1/7.1 Gaming head sets

    More bass? That's hard to believe. With single-driver cans like these JVCs you can't decide to have the mid/treb at 2, the bass at 5 and have another knob to control the gain. Bass distortion levels are far beyond comfortable listening ranges on the HPA2s. I listen mostly to bass-driven music...
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    5.1/7.1 Gaming head sets

    I can highly recommend the Turtle Beach HPA2. Real 5.1 analog connectors, excellent amp, the best speaker placement I've seen in a surround set and tremendous bass from a dedicated high-impact driver. Very sturdy and comfortable. It's also available with a USB interface if you don't have a good...
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    Best Headphones for a PC?

    You're too easy on them. The HPA2s are by several miles the best headphones on the whole market. They sound much better than any sennheiser set, whether you pay 100 or 500$ for it, and whether it's for games, movies or music. Just curious, Kursah, how are your HPA2s setup? Mine are Front: 2...