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  1. TVman

    Corsair Shatters SSD Affordability Barrier

    32GB for 69.99 is still a pretty bad, atleast they are trying
  2. TVman

    Trine 2 Screens, Video and Info

    all im going to say is the game looks absolutely gorgeous
  3. TVman

    Bulletstorm Screens

    i can already see that this game has no AA :ohwell:
  4. TVman

    Transformers: War For Cybertron Clubhouse

    game isnt even out yet and you guys have already made a clubhouse :p
  5. TVman

    Fallout MMO announced. (Beta Signup!)

    registered!!! hope i get in and i hope it is better then the last beta i was in.....need for speed world:o
  6. TVman

    Should I upgrade from my 285's?

    upgrade from 2 gtx285s....not worth it
  7. TVman

    Medal of Honor 2010

    it will be console port so im quessing NO
  8. TVman

    NFS: Hot Pursuit E3 2010 preview

    new hot pursuit....meh ! Underground 3 or no buy from me
  9. TVman

    Inside the XBOX 360 S

    should it not be under general hardware and not under games :confused: coz xbox360 is hardware not a game :wtf:
  10. TVman

    Xbox 360 + $50 Gift Card = $150

  11. TVman

    Xbox 360 + $50 Gift Card = $150

    we all know that already
  12. TVman

    oven trick on a GX2

    :roll: what a fool
  13. TVman

    ATI Catalyst should provide interlaced 3D support

    am i the only one whos head starts do hurt after wathing 3D stuff :confused: i hope this gimmik goes away and one day we will see some cool hologram displays :)
  14. TVman

    Mass Effect 2 Demo released + New DLC tomorrow

    demos nowadays are released by scene groups,at the day of release ,so they save money and time for developers!!! good and helpful people
  15. TVman

    Fallout: New Vegas Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

    wrong thread but if you go to http://www.gametrailers.com/episode/gametrailers-tv/95?ch=1&sd=1_hd and pause at 6:04 you can see the next need for speed game"need for speed hot pursuit race";)
  16. TVman

    Fallout: New Vegas Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

    well the first gameplay trailer has been revealed and looks promising http://www.gametrailers.com/video/e3-2010-fallout-new/101172
  17. TVman

    Killzone 3 Gameplay Footage

    Minigun :D
  18. TVman

    PhysX seems pretty cool!

    calling mussels ati fanboy wont end up good for you!!! you have been warned
  19. TVman

    Computex 2010 Booth Babes

    i dont really like any of them :ohwell: Quess they have gone with the cheap models coz it is ressesion and all of that !
  20. TVman

    Intel Sandy Bridge Quad-Core Processor Tested

    "lets rearrange the pins so we can fool the dummies into buying this new and improved motherboard"-Intels 2010/11 board meeting :rolleyes: riiight
  21. TVman

    Valve Cancels Portal 2 E3 Event, Promises Surprise

    dude you got your own site :eek: that is soo cool :toast:
  22. TVman

    Fallout: New Vegas PC Using Steamworks DRM

    steam is no were near perfect BUT it is much better then GFWL or "ubisoft" DRM.
  23. TVman

    Valve Cancels Portal 2 E3 Event, Promises Surprise

    yea source 2 is the BIG news :D no episode 3 thou :(
  24. TVman

    What are your top five games?

    i never got past level 18 in portal :) but so many people love that game
  25. TVman

    Next ATI HD6000 cards code names

    link :) http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=et&sl=ja&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.4gamer.net%2Fgames%2F110%2FG011065%2F20100526093%2F