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  1. audiotranceable

    Sexy Hardware Close-Up Pic Clubhouse.

    Had to re apply thermal paste on my laptop, because the GPU full load = 100c in furmark test. :laugh:
  2. audiotranceable

    Aopen Overclock

    Whenever I set the FSB past 176 it stops detecting the hard drive. The DVD drive however gets detected and still works, So My question is why is it doing this? It's a Aopen motherboard based off Intel i915p/915g with Pentium 4 506 (775) http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=1119604 Yes I...
  3. audiotranceable

    No TPM- 4096MB System RAM Passed- Extended RAM failed at address line: 21

    uhh try different ram and see if the error comes up again?
  4. audiotranceable

    What CPU is more Powerful?

    STOP ALL THE DOWNLOADIN. Joking I would say the AMD.
  5. audiotranceable

    Still like my XP64!

    Yeah which is why I don't use X64 XP. Some of my other app's don't run on it also :(.
  6. audiotranceable

    Sparkle Announces 2 GB GeForce GT 220 Graphics Card

    2GB for a GT 220, no thanks
  7. audiotranceable

    Faster boot bios time

    I can only think of disable auto detection of HD & CD/DVD/Bluray drives, Skip memory count (I'm sure all new BIOS does this now). Although if you disable that than when you plug in a new drive you have to set it up manually
  8. audiotranceable

    Do Not Press F1 If Requested To Do So By A Website.

    Oh knowz. Oh wait I'm on firefox:rockout:
  9. audiotranceable

    GeForce GTX 480 PCB and Cooling Assembly Pictured

    Looks like a man and a women doing the Voodoo dance in the forest of Nvidia land with all the magic faeries dancing to What is love. *drool* *sigh* *Oh yeah baby don't stop*:nutkick::toast::slap::respect:
  10. audiotranceable

    Patriot Shows off So Called Fastest System on The Planet

    60,000 gets you that and you still get no case fan or aftermarket heatsinks:banghead:. I would of thought watercooling would do the trick least
  11. audiotranceable

    Broken 5770

    It's ok. I'm talking with XFX to see if they will return it without the bracket
  12. audiotranceable

    Broken 5770

    thanks but like I said in the OG post I already tried to go into atiflash and see if I can recovery the GPU. Nothing showed up and I couldn't flast
  13. audiotranceable

    How much AA do you need?

    Honestly playing with 2048x1152. I use 2x just to clean up the edges little bit. But honestly I do not have enough time to even notice the edges with fast motion games like FPS or racing
  14. audiotranceable

    Broken 5770

    Same. I don't have a HDMI/Display port anywhere to actually see if somehow it was the 2 DVI ports on the card You mean like find the actual chip and resold it on the PCB. ATiflash doesn't detect the ati card at all to reflash to original bios. Also I do no have a bracket that fits with the...
  15. audiotranceable

    Broken 5770

    can I still even though I flashed it to ASUS bios and lost the bracket for the front?
  16. audiotranceable

    Broken 5770

    my 5770 just died on me few days ago. I posted a thread to help me push harder on the CPU I read up somewhere that higher NB = better ram read/write. I was trying to find my limit but than the computer didn't boot due to it being so unstable. So I took out my graphics card reset the BIOS. than...
  17. audiotranceable

    Super Pi 1m scores

  18. audiotranceable

    ASUS Launches ROG G73Jh Gaming Notebook

    Lets just say warm spots in the right place can be awesome. I won't go into more details than that:laugh:
  19. audiotranceable

    Google chrome cause low volume high pitch whine/noise

    my parents thought the caps scream was a mouse dieing. I let them search my room for a while before they gave up and I told them it was the caps Hey walk in my room get ready to be fooled :p
  20. audiotranceable

    720BE, Help me get higher!

    Thanks for the input. I will run my ram CL4 with 800mhz. Anyone else willing to share some help?:toast:
  21. audiotranceable

    720BE, Help me get higher!

    Thanks. I been doing that (but with OC the ram also) & 3.6ghz seems to be the stable point with 1.5v.
  22. audiotranceable

    720BE, Help me get higher!

    Thanks I'll take that in also. What about my settings etc. Could I get more out of this processor, should I change the settings around and if so what ones
  23. audiotranceable

    720BE, Help me get higher!

    to get more speed out of my ram.
  24. audiotranceable

    720BE, Help me get higher!

    Well I've tried pushing the most I can out of it with my current heatsink and settings. My cpu is the picture uptop with the stepping etc. Here are my BIOS settings. THIS CPU Doesn't Unlock My ram needs 2.1v to run 4-4-4-12 @ 800mhz but is stable @ 900mhz 5-5-5-15 with 2.1v. Also ran 3.7 with...
  25. audiotranceable

    To many damn video games and not enough time to play them

    Geez. I have like 95% less games than that and I still have no time or little time to play them all. Honestly all those games on my steam account I won on the other forum I go to:roll: