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    RBE bug reports

    @ Kendor.... I don't mean to sound rude, but ..HUH ? :confused: Have you used an online translator or something ? - as I (am sure I am not the only one) cannot really understand what you are saying or what point you are making ... sorry.
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    Multiple GPU problems

    Hi all, - before I pose my question/ problem, Merry Christmas to all... hope the big guy in Red brings us all lotsa hardware goodies ! Now, I have 3 main rigs I built myself (2 x i7-920's and 1 x Q6600) and whilst I do a little gaming (F1-2011 and Skrim E.S V are my current faves) - the...
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    The Cooler Master Case Clubhouse

    @ Rule-R - defintely as Radical Edward described... by having air moving towards upper-rear, you are just helping the natural flow of the heated air. Personally though, I would def have the side one as "intake" - apart from it pushing cool, fresh air onto your GPU, you are always better off...
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    The Cooler Master Case Clubhouse

    Hi Guys, hoping to be allowed to join the club ! Just joined up here with TPU to get into some more serious overclocking etc after a few years of playing around with it myself.. (managed to get the i7-920's running at 3.4 Ghz, 70 Deg C @ 100 load already just today), and noticed your club...
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    What CPU cooler?

    I have two i7-920's running at 3.2 Ghz: one on air, one on water. AIR: Prolimatech Mega shadow Deluxe LIQUID: an oldy but a goodie - Thermaltake Bigwater 745 Both machines run at 100 % CPU load 24/7 Crunching BOINC (when not gaming): air cooled system sitting on a steady 69 - 70...
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    RBE bug reports

    I will have a look around to see if I can find it elsewhere, but I am having trouble "running" RBE ( just put new 6950 in and want to unlock it). Keep getting this reference to Roxio Venue.msi when I try to run RBE.exe and when it doesn't find that file, RBE DOES open, but no data/ details on...