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    I think I killed my MSI Z97 U3 PLUS Motherboard!!!

    Typical Asus behavior. Remove all USB, PCIe devices. Use igpu & Dell display. Boot with a single RAM module. Try different slots. When clearing CMOS via jumper, remove battery & short out battery terminals too - belt & braces...
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    Wireless card time

    A2=Atheros AR9170/AR9104 - as per your pics. Just grab the latest Win10 WHQL driver set (v10.0.0.352) from the link I gave you. Connect directly to front or back USB port. Don't connect via a HUB. Use a USB extension cable to position the USB adapter for better reception.
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    Wireless card time

    That DWA-160 is Atheros or Ralink depending on revision. If Atheros/Qualcomm try the latest set from here: http://www.station-drivers.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=353&func=select&id=255&lang=en
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    NVIDIA Announces the GeForce GTX 1060 3GB

    Too bad the "updated" drivers for RX480 weren't used in the review. Retarded semantics about "launch"drivers aside... Agreed. At up to 1080p, it will be fine esp given use cases in HTPC or older PC upgrades.
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    ASUS Radeon RX 470 STRIX OC 4 GB

    W1zz, interesting that blueray playback power draw is much lower than RX480. 4GB vs 8GB or newer drivers running the new decoder block?
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB

    It's kosher to use ROTR for DX12 cred but Hitman DX12 is buggy cos the reviewer's guide says so...
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    windows 10 worth the upgrade?

    Not entirely correct. You can upgrade from vanilla 7 & 8 if you use the MS USB/ISO download tool (or MSDN image). https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/software-download/windows10
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    AMD Radeon R9 Fury X 4 GB

    DP is 1/16.
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    delete this because less than half the people around here understand or even want to

    The problem with AMD is a software stack limitation with DX11. Nvidia have done a better job at extracting parallel threaded operation for their driver stack, whereas AMD rely on a single CPU thread. DX11 allows limited gains, but Nvidia went for it & it paid off with ~50% performance over AMD...
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    Hard Drive Failing

    You have many re-allocated sectors, but there are also 31 current pending sectors that are reading bad and the hard drive is unable to re-allocate with spare ones automatically. There is no simple non data destructive method to correct this. Chkdsk /x /r will not soft map around the problem. You...
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    Seasonic G Series V2 550 W

    Could you confirm the electrolytic Chemi-Cons? They seem to be KY & KZE series instead of KZH.