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  1. CheezusCrust

    CCNA Chapter 6

    Hi everyone. I'm currently studying for IT Support, and I've been nailing all of my tests so far with a 80%+ success rate, with the exception of Chapter 6 which is essentially subnetting & IPv6. Despite putting extra effort & spending serveral evenings re-reading chapter 6, I only managed to...
  2. CheezusCrust

    R-290x spotted at Danish online store

    Noticed this earlier today, but it got pulled from the store before I could take a screenshot, it's somehow appeared again. http://www.proshop.dk/Grafikkort/XFX-Radeon-R9-290X-Core-BF4-4GB-GDDR5-2424191.html 8490 Danish Kroner = ~$1500 Proshop.dk did this with the GTX Titan before, with...