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    AMD Ryzen 5 1400 3.2 GHz

    1) Do you not understand removing GPU bottlenecks to test CPU performance? That's the entire point of low res gaming tests - to test the cpu without having a GPU bottleneck. Why do you think the i5s and i7s, or the ryzen 6 and ryzen 7s are all getting the same fps at higher resolutions? GPU...
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    Blizzard Pays Generous Bounty for Original Starcraft "Gold Master" Source CD

    That would depend on how stupid their legal department is in potentially creating a PR disaster. They may have the legal standing, but going after him would be penny wise but dollar foolish.
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    [FS] [UK] 4770k+maximus extreme+H100i+32gbram

    UK? I presume everything is in pounds then.
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    [WTB] Lower end Nvidia or AMD Cards GTX560Ti/AMD/etc

    Looking for a GTX560 Ti or something comparable (or AMD equivalent - 6870/6950?). Budget is around $35. PM me with offers. Thanks!
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    Old Nerds Club (all welcome) with poll

    I didn't realize there was such a diverse age range here. I'm one of the younger folks here. The first computer I used at home was my parent's Pentium 3 laptop running windows 98 or ME. My first own computer was a prebuilt Dell with a Pentium 4 with a whopping 1GB of RAM. Paid $800 for it and it...
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    [FS/FT][US] NEW Biostar 1151 mATX B150S1 motherboard; Other random stuff (GPUs, CPUs, etc)

    Bump. Added 6870. Also want to trade for stuff I need such as Nvidia GPUs or AMD GCN.
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    [FS/FT][US] NEW Biostar 1151 mATX B150S1 motherboard; Other random stuff (GPUs, CPUs, etc)

    Selling a NEW IN THE BOX BIOSTAR Hi-Fi B150S1 D4 Ver. 6.x LGA 1151 Intel B150. This was a new motherboard I purchased recently - I have not even taken it out of the electrostatic bag. I was planning to build an 1151 system but changed my mind as I'd like to go for a cheaper 1150 build. Model...
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    [WTB] WTB cheap gaming gpu

    Thanks, but I don't think my power supply can handle it.
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    Thread closed

    They perform about the same. Don't believe the folks claiming one is much better than the other - with the latest drivers and benchmarks, they perform within 2-4% of each other. Rx480 8GB are usually cheaper and do slightly better in dx12, while the 1060s have lower power consumption, overclocks...
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    [WTB] WTB cheap gaming gpu

    Yes, I'm open to those as well. You have one for sale?
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    [WTB] WTB cheap gaming gpu

    Sorry 750ti is outta my budget Yes. Shoot me an offer and description.
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    [WTB] WTB cheap gaming gpu

    Unfortunately the PSU is an evga 430w with 400w on the 12v rail. The 580 is beyond its power capabilities. Even a 570 would be pushing it.
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    [FS][US] Yearly Clean-up, GPU/Mobo/Ram + More

    What is the price of shipping for 1 GPU or for the E5200 combo bundle to zipcode 20902?
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    [WTB][US] X99 Motherboard Broadwell E Ready (6850K Trade!)

    Ebay actually has a ton of PSUs (especially new open box or new pulled from cases) for great prices. I got a new Antec 650watt modular PSU for ~$30-35 shipped.
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    2500k @4.4Ghz worth upgrading?

    Lower resolution = LOWER cpu usage Higher resolution = HIGHER cpu usage However, lower resolution also = much LOWER GPU usage, so you're able to see your cpu bottleneck more effectively on lower resolutions.
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    [WTB][US] Haswell Quads i5-4670k or i5-4690k

    YGPM. I'm definitely interested if it's possible to relid the IHS so it doesn't fall off.
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    [FS][US] 1TB 2.5" HDDs, High Capacity SD and External SSD

    Hey there, what are the power on hours & # of power on cycles in the SMART stats for the Toshiba 3.5 1TB drives?
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    [WTB][US] Haswell Quads i5-4670k or i5-4690k

    Cool, shoot me a PM. I'm trying to run Dolphin emulation, so I need overclockable cpus to get decent OC speed.
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    [WTB][US] Haswell Quads i5-4670k or i5-4690k

    Bump. Also looking for G3258 now!
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    [WTB][US] Haswell Quads i5-4670k or i5-4690k

    Bump. Still looking for 1150 quads!
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    [SOLD] Getting rid of my stuff

    Let me know if it falls through. I might have a friend who is interested in it.