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    [Official] Need for Speed: The Run

    LifeOnMars, yes 30fps lock, and my Fanatec wheel is seen as x-box controller:banghead: poor console port :(
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    Are the Radeon 6990/6970/6950 Crossfire Compatible ???

    I have 2 6950 unlocked in CF, 2 CF connectors on 6950/6970, so you can CF 2 or 3 or 4 cards if you wish in CF, on 6990 there is 1 connector, so you can "only" have 2 cards in CF.
  3. Z

    Cayman 6xxx and Bulletstorm

    I did have the performance issues, when running in 16*10 resolution (1920*1200) 35-55FPS, when run in 16*9 (1920*1080) all HIGH no AA, vsync ON, 55-60, so try 16*9 res. it worked for me, and yes there must be a problem with drivers and 6900 serie.
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    nvidia GTX580 3Dmark Vantage scores surfaced

    Duckula, if you did see the review before it was pulled. In furmark the performance was lowered/raised/lowered and so on, because of the 300W limit, so the average was about 260W, so that´s why it is looking so good in Furmark