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  1. mumak

    Intel Atom Gets Feature-Set Overhaul in "Avoton" for Micro-Servers

    This is a SoC (so the PCH is integrated) based on Silvermont core. ~20W is the max with 8c SKUs for microservers. There will be of course variants optimized for low-power segments. This new Silvermont seems to have a lot of potential.
  2. mumak

    Intel "Rosepoint" Atom Combines x86 Cores with WiFi Transceiver

    hm.. Rose Point plans looked quite different few years ago... seems to be just another incarnation and they still don't know which way to go...
  3. mumak

    10-core Ivy Bridge-EP Sample Tested

    This is a FAKE. CPUID values reported are of SNB-EP and not the IVB-EP family.
  4. mumak

    A8-3850 Has Ineffective BClk Multiplier

    This whole thing is because the CPU has two 'different Max clock settings': - P0 limit (2.9 GHz for example on A8-3850) which is the max clock for a given SKU - MaxPllClock (3.6 GHz on A8-3850) - a reference clock from which the other clocks are derived from Now, if you set a clock above the...
  5. mumak

    Intel Ivy Bridge Dual-Core Put Through Clock-to-Clock Benches Against Sandy Bridge

    Ivy will bring certain ehnancements to many parts of the CPU and iGPU, including new features to improve performace, power management and security. But as for each Tick the most advancement is in the process technology.
  6. mumak

    HWiNFO32 and HWiNFO64 v3.82 released

    HWiNFO32 v3.82 available. Changes: Added reporting of CPU usage per core under sensor data. Fixed AMD Llano current clock ratio report. Added support of VIA VX900 SMBus Host. Added support of RivaTuner OSD Server. This allows displaying of HWiNFO32 Sensor values in DirectX...
  7. mumak

    LGA2011 Sandy Bridge-EP Xeon Processor on Ebay

    I don't think it would be illegal. Both companies have reverse engineering departments.. Moreover there's an agreement between both since the early PC days, that they must share certain information between each other (except lithography, etc)..
  8. mumak

    LGA2011 Sandy Bridge-EP Xeon Processor on Ebay

    Yes, it's common that ES are available several months before actual release - it's to help development and board bring-up in advance. Depends on ES-stage, many such samples are missing certain features or containing errata that are enabled/tuned/fixed at a later stage. Intel ES chips are...
  9. mumak

    LGA2011 Sandy Bridge-EP Xeon Processor on Ebay

    The guy who got the ES (under NDA+IPLA) will be in trouble. The seller is probably a different person that hasn't signed anything with Intel.
  10. mumak

    LGA2011 Sandy Bridge-EP Xeon Processor on Ebay

    This is a very early sample (ES1 / A1). I don't think that guy will make money, Intel will go after him.
  11. mumak

    TechPowerUp OSD Server Beta Thread

    Oblivion seems to crash when OSD Server is active.
  12. mumak

    RealTemp BUG?

    Hah, that's what I already tried to explain on [XS] few years ago, but no one listened. All have been keen on improving the reporting, playing with thermometers and various experiments. Those sensors were never meant for temperature monitoring (rather catching the critical temp). They tried to...
  13. mumak

    FinalWire Announces AIDA64 State of the Art Diagnostic Software

    I know Fiery since long time (14 years?, since the days of his first ASMDEMO) and he's a very fine, extremely helpful and polite guy. It was always a pleasure for me to work with him. I know a bit about the background of this story, I know a lot about the past and a bit about the near future...
  14. mumak

    FinalWire Announces AIDA64 State of the Art Diagnostic Software

    Indeed there was.. the light
  15. mumak

    FinalWire Announces AIDA64 State of the Art Diagnostic Software

    Consider it as Everest being just an intermediate step (not well managed by Lavalys) between AIDA32 and AIDA64 ;) Fiery (the main person and creator) is now the head of FinalWire, so he moved *.* to his own company => things will be even better now ;)
  16. mumak

    HWINFO32 2.38 build 207 available

    I'm sorry for this problem... But, until I don't see the DBG dump, I don't know how to fix it. Can you at least tell me your HW configuration? -HWiNFO32 Author
  17. mumak

    HWINFO32 2.38 build 207 available

    What freezing? Please run it in Debug Mode and send me the HWiNFO32.DBG file.
  18. mumak

    AMD: It's not K8L, it's K10

    Well actually it's referred as "Family 10h" in all stuff