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    Sapphire X1800xt cant get to play tv

    I have tried every cable sent with the box and all known drivers. I play my dvds on my tv and have had no problems in the past with other ATI cards but this one . Can anyone help. Do I need to return it and get a new one I just got it . I can run dual displays with monitors but can run one...
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    I have An ECS RC410L/800-m

    I cant seem to get ati tool to run on this mobo , I have an X800gto by sapphire in the machine , I use to have it in a nother and i could over clock it to 510-560 and ran great . This mobo Has an ATI chipset and onboard graphics . I dont know if this has anything to do with my problem ,,,, any...
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    Sapphire X1800XT to XTPE

    Im getting A Sapphire X1800XT on thursday and would like to know what to look for on the chip set so I know I can flash it to a X1800XT PE , my last card is a X800 GTO and was not able to unlock the other four pipes because of the set up on the chip . Any help would be great . Thank you .
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    Sapphire X800GTO Fireblade temp

    Dose any one know a good running temp for video cards , I have mine over clocked from 400-490 to 523 -558 and its running around 60 for GPU and 55 on temp chip . My fan is runn at 54% .Is this a safe range to run the temps at ? Hope some one can help . My bench mark 05 went from 4448 to 5443...
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    Sapphire X800GTO Fireblade

    Dose anyone know if the other four pipes can be opened on this crd the card has a R480 chip and a huge heat sink and fan . If anyone can help that would be great .If you need anyother info just ask if it will help.The card has 256 256 on it . Stock ram is 400-980 . My card is PCIe not AGP.
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    Fire Blade edition X800GTO

    Dose anyone have this card and can someone tell me if it would be better than the connect3d version.I'm upgrading my system and Im have problems figuring what card to get .I know the connect3d card can be flashed to open the other four pipes .Dose anyone know if the same can be done with the...
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    AMD 2600 mobile

    I have a question about over clocking , is it better to lower the multiplyer and raise the front side. Right know I have mine at 15 X 167 which gives me 2505 and my volts are at 1.86.Should I set the multi down to 12.5 and the the front side up to 200 . Right now I idle around 50-52 c . I have a...
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    2600 mobile amd

    I just got an amd 2600 mobile chip . Im running a msi kt4v mother board i got rid of my 1700+ which i had overclocked for 2 years . I cant seem to get it to boot as a 2600 it says 2500 . can some help please . I have changed the front side bus and the ratio up and down . 160 @ 12.5/13 should...
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    9550 power color can any one help

    I have read that you can get this card to 450/240 from 250 /200 , I have downloaded ATitool and the new catalist from the web sight . Will this program open the other 4 pipes or is that it . I would like to get all i can get out of this card , or give up my 9500 pro which is bois flashed to 9700...
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    Power color 9550 cant get 8 pipes open

    I bought this card for my girlfriends computer when i upgraded it . I have been reading that it can be soft moded . I have down loaded every thing for here to do so and Im still having problems . Can anyone tell me what im doing wrong . :confused: