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    AMD "Vega" Demoed in Sonoma, California

    Same site different scores
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    MSI Radeon R9 290(X) gaming/lightning card club

    My Issue was just that even removing the one GPU it still ran at 94... After i move to my new place I"ll have time to take it apart and re-apply TIM.
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    MSI Radeon R9 290(X) gaming/lightning card club

    would I lose my warranty if I remove the cooler and apply new TIM on?
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    MSI Radeon R9 290(X) gaming/lightning card club

    It is pretty clean the card is less than 2 months old as well, I clean out my PC every 3 months, idle temps is 36 degrees.. fan speed 18% auto. Idle temps is not an issue, I've never had this issue with it hitting 94 degrees causing it to downclock to <800mhz core speed. Factory OC is 977mhz...
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    MSI Radeon R9 290(X) gaming/lightning card club

    I bought 2x MSI R9 290's OC Gaming Editions, so I'll be joining the club \:D/ I currently have a heating issue. Wanted to run them in crossfire, but i had a temperature issue. My one card maxed out at 77 degrees Celsius, the other one was hitting 94 so fast that it slowed the overall...
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    Razer Making Custom-Designed Peripherals for World of Tanks

    Razer Deathadder have never disappointed me, my 3.5G 4 years old still going strong still like new used it everyday for 4 years, Now upgraded to a 2013 Deathadder this year, had it for just over 2 months now no problems very much impressed with the improvements over the 3.5G. For me still the...
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    NVIDIA Rolls Out G-Sync Upgrade Kit for ASUS VG248QE

    people don't realise there is a market outside USA.. compared to US prices it would basically cost USD900-USD1100 for a G-Sync Asus VG248QE here in my country. i know the monitor alone without G-Sync costs 650USD, i have one, So that would put the Module alone at Around 300-400USD. SO...
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    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 780 Ti Pictured

    huh Reading all these responses. I'm no fan of any brand I just want my money's worth.. GCN is lasting the GPUs much longer with performance increases on every card since release(is it 2 years ago now? since HD7xxx has been out since gtx5xx, so current AMD GPUs survives 3 GTX generations). I'm...
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    NVIDIA Readies GeForce Experience ShadowPlay

    mm or you can just use bandicam. Bandicam is an alternative to fraps and better in my opinion. Can record both desktop and games. http://www.bandicam.com/ Supports intel Quicksync, nvidia cuda and AMD app. >>>>> much better than fraps, encodes on the fly, less impact on performance.
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    SteelSeries Introduces The Rival Optical Gaming Mouse

    Steelseries Rival Uhm... Steelseries Rival was announced beginning of October 2013. The global launch was during rAge Expo in South Africa. Steel Series Mouse Unveil - YouTube SteelSeries Rival - A Quick Look - YouTube Telkom DGL Interviews Flemming Gyldenhammer from S... headsup to...
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    Sennheiser Updates the PC 350 and PC 360 Gaming Headsets

    Read your reply again, Then you'll see you didn't tell him anything.. merely asked rhetorical questions.. which would confuse someone that is not as informed as you and I..
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    Sennheiser Updates the PC 350 and PC 360 Gaming Headsets

    The Asus Xonar Xense, and STX soundcards, have headphone amps built in to support up to 600ohm headphones. I don't know what makes you think its unamplified soundcards... Also on another Note, i recently got PC360.. used it with a Xonar D2X but due to shitty driver support the sound card...
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    NFS Most Wanted PC Version Crashing

    The thing is It can't be driver related, or GPU, or CPU, or Ram related, because i can play the game for 3 hours straight if i set my "origin to offline mode". Then i can play. But i can't play it when i'm online -_-! it just crashes.. My other games run fine.. i can play for hours any other...
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    NFS Most Wanted PC Version Crashing

    Bf3, runs fine, MOH warfighter runs fine, dota 2, Never had GPU issues.. -_-.. I've had the GPU for a year now.. GTX560 Ti.. can't fail now.. :<
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    NFS Most Wanted PC Version Crashing

    High I've been scouring the net to find a solution for this prob. I Had windows 8 Pro x64, thought it was an isolated insidant on win8 only, so i decided to format and put my win 7 pro x64 on again. To no avail.. it still gives me the same problem, crashes at the loading screen and when it...
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    Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Passes $500 Million In Retail Sales In First 24 Hours

    i believe this is the 5th copy paste DLC texture update.
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    Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Passes $500 Million In Retail Sales In First 24 Hours

    Damn those casuals for runing the market.. Damn them!!:banghead: I don't get the 60 doll hairs (for PC)price tag though... i woulda thought the price would come down to around 35 doll hairs.. lol PC gamer get no love anymore from Activision. I hope the guys that left Activision creates an...
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    Windows 8 Clubhouse

    I don't know, but i'm certain that my win 8 didn't even detect the USB 3.0 ports on my motherboard. had the OS running for 2 days, and the ports still didn't work, even trying to install through windows update it didn't pick it up. So i had to look for my drivers, since it never completes the...
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    Cooler Master CM Storm QuickFire TK Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Launches in Europe

    lol This coolermaster keyboard has no arrow keys or ins, home, del, pgup/down, end keys. The missing chunk You mean Your Nighthawk is identical to the Qpad MK-80 NightHawk X8 Qpad MK-80
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    PC Industry Stares Faces Years Long Recession: Analyst

    I think many many have forgotten that there are people with 2 or More PCs for themselves, and still have a smartphone and a tablet. The overall penetration rate is inaccurate because 1 Person can count for 3 or more devices including PCs. THe reason there has been a slow down in PC sales is...
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    Windows 8 Clubhouse

    For my MSI 870A-G54 i had to manually install the windows 7 x64 Renesas USB3.0 Drivers, Win 8 Pro x64 Didn't pick it up. Seems the Win7 Renesas USB3.0 Drivers work on win8 quite fine.
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    Windows 8 Clubhouse

    Try UltraISO. It will work, you can also use UltraISO to create a bootable Win7/Win8 USBDrive. Alcohol and Deamon Tools is overkill for today's discs since most use online authentication, the files on the disc is merely for installation and there is not "security features" on the discs. No...
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    Windows 8 Clubhouse

    i Bought + clean instal of windows 8 Pro x64 (used RTM 9200 iso). From win7 x64 Pro to this i've noticed a couple of problems on my network and internet conn which never appeared on win7. 5 Mins after i've finished installing win8 pro x64 i got my first blue screen of death. HIghly likely...
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    Corsair Announces the Hydro H100i and H80i Liquid CPU Coolers

    Please include the ambient room temperature. Since not all of us have Air-conditioning, and live in warmer regions than other's. Those temps mean nothing to me. The ambient room temperature of my room is around 32 degrees. That said, running a antec kuhler 920, AMD PII 1090T, idles at 39...
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    Colorful Unveils GeForce GTX 660 Ti World Cyber Games Edition Graphics Card

    First image, the right fan, bottom fin to the left, i See my Country's flag \:D/ South Africa