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    Hard Drives= Number 1 Failing Component?

    We all know that tech reviews mean one thing and that real world experience means something completely different. Nowhere did I witness this phenomenon more than in my experience as an IT tech. Virtually every computer I have ever built with a hard drive has experienced a hard drive failure...
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    Hitting a Wall at 3.8 ghz w/ 1090t

    Cool! I didn't know that the 900 series boards had been released yet. What is the benefit of going with the Crosshair when I can pick one of these up for $85 less? Asus is also selling the Sabertooth for $50 less than the Crosshair. ASUS M5A99X EVO AM3+ AMD 990X SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 A...
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    [FS/FT][US] d3fct's stuff, 2 x 280 gtx's on fullcover water blocks, and more.

    Do you still have the GTX 260 full-card coolers? Thanks
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    Hitting a Wall at 3.8 ghz w/ 1090t

    Think that it would work better if I get a northbridge water block, bump the voltage up on that, and increase the cpu voltage to 1.55? I guess that I should keep an eye out for a used motherboard... I do not feel like purchasing a brand new board right now when Bulldozer is right around the...
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    Hitting a Wall at 3.8 ghz w/ 1090t

    Erocker, I've updated my specs. I would be very disappointed if I ended up getting a less-than-stellar processor lol. This was the most expensive one on Newegg at the time (about 2 weeks ago). Thanks again for the help. I'll upload those bios screen shots in a few hours.
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    Hitting a Wall at 3.8 ghz w/ 1090t

    Hey Tpu members, What has happened here since I took a vacation a couple years ago? I've come back here because I doubt that any other forum could help me with this issue. I am hitting an overclocking wall at 3.8 ghz with my m4a78e motherboard and 1090t cpu. I've only been raising the...
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    Revodrive vs. Vertex 3

    toastem, thanks for the information. I didn't see any indications that my M4A78-e motherboard is compatible with the Revodrive and it appears to be a less reliable solution. Therefore, I elected to pick the safe and quick road. I ordered a Corsair Force F120 since it appears to have gotten the...
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    Revodrive vs. Vertex 3

    This morning, my desktop crashed. Not suspecting anything, I rebooted my pc. Unfortunately windows would not boot and the access light for my hard drive would not stop flickering. I ran a series of hard drive tests and my drive failed all of the read tests. I haven't been on the forum for a...
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    The graphics card with the hottest looks!

    What about the 2900xt with an Accelero Xtreme? Edit: Asrock, you got to this before me! Anyway, +1 for the accelero xtreme and 2900xt!
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    A "clicky" keyboard suggestion?

    I too would recommend the model M. In fact, I am typing on one at the moment and it is perhaps the best typing experience possible. I know that I can sit down for an entire day and hammer out 3 1000 word essays without my hands getting tired. It would be perfect if my desk were larger or I had...
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    Windows 7 slower than Vista

    Windows 7 is faster for me and more stable as as well. Vista gets very laggy over time whereas windows 7 stays quick no matter how long you use it and applications open much faster as well.
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    NEC Preps White LED Backlit MultiSync Monitor

    Most LED's today are not really white but blue. The result is less than perfect color reproduction. White LED's are actually white and are a big breakthrough. I do not believe that they are referring to the cabinet color.
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    Alienware Rolls Out TactX Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

    The mouse looks ok, but the keyboard is in my mind nowhere near superior to the IBM model M from the 1980's. I'm typing on a new Unicomp model M and it has a much better typing experience than a G15. In short: mouse- good but VERY expensive (my $45 Sidewinder is perfect for my needs)...
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    Microsoft Announces Windows 7 Retail Prices Ahead of General Availability

    Windows 7 should be worth the price, especially for the OEM version. Even the beta was far faster and more polished than Vista.
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    Dual E5410's (skt 771) or Single E5520 (1366) for Server?

    I'm wondering if it's better to build a new server with two E5410 quad core processors on socket 771 or one skt. 1366 E5520 Nehalem based processor. I'd like to build this server and not have to upgrade it again for a few years. I would like the best bang for the buck now, however I don't want a...
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    [WTB][US] USED PS3 Games

    I only have Ghost Recon II for my PS3 so I'm looking for a bunch of used older games to populate my game library. If you're done using some of your old PS3 games and would like to make more money than you would at Game Stop, send me a pm. I'm open to all genres of games and all quantities...
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    Poor Performance in Games

    I have the auto defrag set to once a week. I just removed about 10gb of junk with Ccleaner, so that might make a difference I guess. Fastmix, I'm kind of leaning in that direction. I just want to save up enough to get an upper-end Deneb platform. Thanks.
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    Poor Performance in Games

    I'm stumped. Ever since I got my 2900 pro/XT and 3800+ X2 last year, I've been having very poor performance in games. For example, in DIPRIP (car action game based on HL2 engine), I usually get around 15-25 fps depending on what's displaying on the screen. It doesn't matter if I have the detail...
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    A Quick Mouse Review

    Today, I was intrigued after finding a suspicious package at my door step... So, I opened it up and to my amazement, there was a Microsoft Sidewinder mouse! Here's what it came with: The best part is the weighted cord holder/ weight holder/ feet holder. Here's a comparison with my old...
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    Ubuntu - when the going gets tough, go Ubuntu

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I've already put way too much into the laptop (I bought it for $120 a year ago and put $300 into it :banghead:). The cpu should be fast enough to run office and multimedia applications. The last time I installed Ubuntu with 512mb of ram it took about 1:30...
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    Ubuntu - when the going gets tough, go Ubuntu

    I'm contemplating getting the regular Ubuntu for my T23 laptop with a 1.1ghz Pentium3 m processor and 512mb of ram. I'll strip out most of the services, but do you think that getting another 512 mb of ram will be worth it? I don't want to have to resort to Xubuntu since it lacks a ton of...
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    Unofficial Windows 7 Discussion

    Nah. The alphas of Longhorn were always too unstable to use in a production environment (or any environment). Microsoft never released any updates for them. That picture is just a concept. It's what Microsoft was planning to create with Vista initially before resetting the development of...
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    Unofficial Windows 7 Discussion

    I want to see: Minwin- 50mb kernel Longhorn features- useful sidebar, expanded taskbar, etc. More advanced version of Windows Media Center with more options Faster boot speeds More integration with the internet Yeah, basically Longhorn. :banghead:
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    Phenom X4, X3 45nm Lineup for H1 2009 Explained

    When Intel went to 90nm on the Prescott architecture they saw virtually no temperature drops. AMD is seeing a very healthy temperature decrease with its 45 nm cpu's. 140w to 95w for the same speed and a much greater L3 cache.
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    500gb hdd taking forever to format - normal?

    Just get your computer up and running and then run a check for SMART errors. That should rule out any major issues.