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  1. Skyguard

    Sabertooth 990FX Solid Red LED

    Hey all, two nights ago during a small storm. During this storm our street transformer blew, not just wires crossing but completely blew. Power went out instantly. Woke up the next morning, power was back on hoping that nothing was shorted, this how ever was not the case. i knew things like this...
  2. Skyguard

    Monitor support

    How well would my geforce GTX 760 2gbs vram/1250Mhz no memory OC Support two or three Acer H6 Series H236HLbid monitors
  3. Skyguard

    Looking for a new monitor!

    Hey guys I've been looking for a new monitor for a while and i'm pretty uneducated when it comes to displays, I recently hooked up a 40 inch LCD HDTV up with a HDMI cable and i noticed that the video image doesn't fit the edges of the display, like the icons are super big and the edges of...
  4. Skyguard

    Help with My Internet/network problem

    Hey guys. I am here wondering about a problem that i've been having lately that is extremely annoying to me. As of recently i have been having internet problem. I am using a powerline adapter and this is the only time i've had a problem. My network seems to be Throttling my download all the...
  5. Skyguard

    HAF 922 and H100i

    Hey guys Skyguard here, Im posting on here because I was wondering if the H100 or the H100i would fit in a HAF 922. I have read that they will fit by taking the 200mm fan off of the top of the case or taking out my HDD Bay and mounting it on the front of my case. Just come here for some insight...
  6. Skyguard

    Can you mix different type RAM?

    Hey guys. Im here posting wondering if you can mix different type of ram, Right now i am using Vengeance LP dual channel 1333MHz RAM two, 2gb sticks, for a total of 4gbs, im wondering this because i have just purchased some mushkin Silverline 4gb sticks that run at 1600mhz, i am wondering if i...
  7. Skyguard

    Wondering if 1600mhz Ram is compatible with Asus Sabertooth 990FX

    I am currently in need of an upgrade for RAM and as of right now i am running a 8320FX AM+3 on a Asus Sabertooth 990FX, with 4GB DDR3 @ 668MHz, the reason im wondering this is because i've heard of many problems pertaining to AM3+ and AMD motherboards having trouble running RAM at more then...