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  1. UltraS

    Samsung PM961 256GB benchmark concerns

    Hello all, I've recently purchased the Samsung PM961 Polaris 256GB M.2 SSD for the main replacement of my Sata 3 SSD. I am currently using it on the PCI-E 3.0 x16 lane (running at x4) on my Z97 Vii Ranger (Asus) using the Asus M.2 X4 PCI-E Mini Adapter Card, which I believe should give it...
  2. UltraS

    New PSU murdered my blu-ray drive

    Hello all I recently purchased a Corsair RM750x PSU that recently came out. I replaced the old PSU and put the new one in, connected everything easily as they were before etc. The issue started when i turned on the computer. First thing i could smell was a fresh plastic smell that filled the...
  3. UltraS

    Asus VII Ranger Z97 Q55 Error

    Hi guys Yesterday i changed the thermal compound on my CPU as it wasn't that great. I think i was using MX-2. Anyway, after i changed the thermal compound, i got a 55 error on my motherboard, and the computer only boots if memory DIMM slots B1 and B2 are populated. If i use the first two A1 and...
  4. UltraS

    GTX 780TI vs GTX 970

    I have recently acquired a Zotac GeForce GTX 780Ti AMP GHz Edition and was wondering how it fares against the 970? I am asking this because I have an opportunity to get a 970 in its stead. Many thanks.
  5. UltraS


    Hey all I've just recently upgraded my computers CPU+Motherboard to a Asus Maximum VII Ranger and a 4790k and I'm experiencing high temperatures. Basically, it idles around 30c but shoots up to 60-65c installing software. I mean, the CPU will be working but I don't like the look of this...
  6. UltraS

    GTX 670 Freezing

    Hi there guys The problem I'm experiencing with my GTX 670 is when after 2 hours of game play, the game will freeze with a looping sound, then my monitor signal will cut out and after about 30 seconds, it stops freezing and goes back to normal. It doesn't return to the game, but returns to the...
  7. UltraS

    PSU Longevity

    I've had my Corsair 650TX (V1) since 2009 and it still works perfectly. How long exactly do these things last before causing an atomic explosion?
  8. UltraS

    Corsair H60 idle temps

    I've recently upgraded my Arctic cooling 13 Pro CPU cooler for my 2500k to a Corsair H60 2013 edition water cooler and i am getting higher temperatures than before. Previously i was getting 48-50c idle with the AC but the H60 is getting idles of 55-55c and loads of 75c when playing Red orchestra...
  9. UltraS

    Chosing a full tower case

    Hi guys I'm looking for a new full tower case that is in the region of about £100 or slightly more. What are the best full tower cases for this price range? I've looked at the Cooler Master Storm trooper and Stryker cases, and some Aerocool cases which I'm unsure of. I'm just...