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    Upgrade itch.

    I figure it has been at least a year since I built my current system and that it may be time to look into some upgrades. I am thinking the case may be a good starting point. Antec P193 Pros - It stays nice and cool Cons - It is big. I have to clean the filters every week (Only 3 so not too...
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    570 to 560 now to 580 or 7950 or wait.

    I had a Galaxy 570 and loved it. It was my first Nvidia card in a long time and ran like a champ nothing I threw at it slowed it down. It died last month in a puff of smoke and was replaced by an MSI 560 Hawk. This was to wait for the next generation of cards to be released. I can no longer...
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    Seagate Momentus XT 750Gb hybrid - For storage

    I have a couple ssd's in my system for the OS and a handful of games. But I have Steam +games and all my storage on a Raptor which is slowly filling up. I am wondering how these hybrid drives compare for storage I was thinking two in raid would give me some breathing room. I also had the thought...
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    Replacement video and psu.

    Over last weekend I had my system give a little pop and shut down mid game. I checked all the connections and it was only the system that went down. I was still just hoping a fuse had blown at that time. I was unable to start it back up unplugging the power and plugging it back in I could see...
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    AM2 Upgrade to AM3 +video or new build?

    Hi, I am looking into upgrading my proc and video card. I want to make sure that upgrading is the best option for me at this point and that I am spending my money correctly. When I built this system it was in the plans that this would get at least one upgrade put into it. My current specs are...