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  1. Killura

    Solid state drive purchase help

    I have an 80GB intel solid state drive and i want to upgrade to a 120, take a look at this drive and tell me what you think. Pretty much rate it on value, performance, quality, and freatures. It looks like a good deal and good speeds but im still not very knowlegable about these drives yet...
  2. Killura

    Storage/SSD question...

    haha yea after i posted it i was like, "Wow that was a bad idea" then went to change it and couldnt for some reason. o well thanks for changing it for me. Thanks for the info! one more thing, Im looking for an 80gb SSD just for security reasons (I dont want to run out of room). What brand...
  3. Killura

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Clubhouse

    haha yea i thought that those requirments were kind of outlandish. Well i wanna sign up, in game name is "Killura" I mostly play assault/engineer.
  4. Killura

    Storage/SSD question...

    Well im about to make the jump to using multiple drives on my rigg. I am currently using a 1tb hd for my OS and everything. My Question is what would be the right way to set up a SSD for my OS and have the 1tb for storage? What size SSD should I use for WIN 7 PRO and my Games? Sorry like...
  5. Killura

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Clubhouse

    O ok, that kinda freaked me out a bit. So how do I go about signing up? (Gamertag) Killura
  6. Killura

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Clubhouse

    Grrrrrr, those are some hardcore requirements.:eek: Well I guess ill just hop on the server every chance I get and just kill the TPU clan members till I prove myself.:nutkick:
  7. Killura

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Clubhouse

    Well its intalled, already pwning noobs, where do I sign up for the TPU clan? I tried to hop on the server last night but it was full.
  8. Killura

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Clubhouse

    :laugh: Got my copy from game stop around 9:10pm on tuesday. And yes they were closed, but thats just a perk to having a girlfirend that works in a video game store. Gunna do the install tonight, damn school and work is getting the way of my pwnage once again!!
  9. Killura

    Is it possible to play games like cod 6 without steam?

    yes, you should be able to use a controller for mw2, just make sure your computer and mw2 rcongnises your controller and the controls "should" auto asign.
  10. Killura

    Multiple pcie slots

    Thanks alot
  11. Killura

    Multiple pcie slots

    HA sorry forgot to turn on that little option under system specs
  12. Killura

    Multiple pcie slots

    This is my first crossfire build. on my mobo i have 4 pcie slots starting from the top blue, black, blue, black. dose it matter which slots my gfx cards are in? i currently have them both in the blue slots (first and third slot).
  13. Killura

    Computer build problems

    Sounds to me like a shorted and or fried mobo. Had the same problem with a mobo in the past. It would turn on and shut off 5 seconds later. Check your mobo mounting screws, make sure they are properly inserted and all the holes with metal around them have screws in them.
  14. Killura

    windows 7 wont install...

    I had the exact same problem on a new build, I just threw an older ide optical device into it and it installed no problem.
  15. Killura

    Haf 932 PSU Mount Top or Bottom?

    I am using the same case and have my psu at the bottom, my draw back is that my lower gfx card is pretty much sitting on my psu. I would have mounted my psu on the top if i didnt have to remove my giant top case fan. I highly doubt that you will notice a temp increase due to the fact that this...
  16. Killura

    Funny sound from inside my pc (and I don't like it)

    This is a posibility also how is your wire management inside your case? Is it posible that a wire or a connector might be hitting a case fan? are you OCed?