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    Double Power Supply

    I did it. Don't know that i'd do it again. See below
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    Your First LC System

    Well seeing as you asked, here is my first Water setup tube into top of res connects to fill port in top of case. left tube/bottom gfx card => quick release mounted on rear of case for easy draining of system. Of stories to share I can only recommend using a non conductive liquid. As...
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    1980's Atari Pole Position PC mod

    Come on DaMulta, you know you want to really:D
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    Driving/Gaming Desk

    @DaMulta Class. After eventually getting to bed after posting last night was running the whole driving setup around in my head and was thinking back to my adolescent days and arcade racing booths - then lo and behold here it is posted. Glad you posted the second set of pictures cos the...
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    Driving/Gaming Desk

    Like the idea. Personally I prefer the curved frame look. The only downside is the width of the frame would need to be relatively wide so as to allow the user to get into the seat. A thought that springs to my mind is that it might be better for the end user to have the option to fit there...
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    coolermaster cosmos 1000: will a 240 rad fit

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with AUTOgod.
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    What colour are you going to powdercoat the strut housing ?:D
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    X3: Terran Conflict

    As a long time fan of the X series of games I disagree with Fords post. Personally if you like space genre games then X3 is one of the best. Agreed at the moment X3:TC does need a little rebalancing but that will happen shortly I am sure and in the meantime there is still so much that you can...
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    24 Pin Power Cable Mod

    I bought 2 kits and whilst I didn't use all of the larger diameter sleeving I did use everything else and ran out of small gauge sleeving and heatshrink. If you are just sleeving the cables on the mb connector then you would probably be ok. To be honest though I think you'd be better off...
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    My quiet Cosmos - Phase 2

    Hello Kyle2020 Glad to hear your getting a Cosmos. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. As regard temps. Bearing in mind that the fans that I have on the rad aren't that powerful - around 57-62cfm if memory serves me correctly, the temps aren't too bad considering that there are 2 beefy...
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    24 Pin Power Cable Mod

    Nice to see people having a go at this. Here's my effort from a little while ago. and parts of the journey If I were to offer any advice then I would suggest a, buy more heatshrink and small...
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    I just opened my front door to find two people having sex between the cars parked opposite. Kinda gathered she wasn't being raped so closed the door. Now I come visit TPU and once more am unwittingly assailed. Impressive work CD. Brought a smile to my face, knowing as you upload that what...
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    [Case Gallery] X500

    Clean and smart. Very Nice. The only question I find myself asking is where is the photo of the left side of the case as i'd be interested to see how you've managed the cable management.
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    Project Cosmos

    Looking good Marcam. Good job on the hard drive bays, looks pretty cool. My only thought would have been to use a narrower support for the hard drive bays that would still allow the third drive bay to be fitted. Maybe it is just the pics but it looks like the drive caddy would snag on the...
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    [Case Gallery] Through The Round Window

    Regardless of hardware the thing that lets your build down is the cable management. No offence but it is a mess. Zip ties are cheap - 100 for 99p at my local electrical store. If that is too much for you then you can use sandwich ties or even some solid core copper wire from an old bit of...
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    How stupid am I

    Say no more, you have been warned actually, sod that. looking at the above I check all those, and I chuckle at the last point. Take up mullered's offer and find out what you've been missing :toast:
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    TJ-07 Black and White Watercooled

    Looking like it could be a nice build there whilhelm. Is that two sound card you've got there? or to put it another way, what is the card with the adaptor jack in it? Roll on tuesday.
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    [Case Gallery] Maju's Cosmos

    Cheers coldstorm., & steel. It took a while to get here but I think you'll agree it was worthwhile, in a completely uneccessary kind of way. Thanks for sticking with the log and the 10's @MARKO. Sorry, don't know about that. Good luck looking though
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    [Case Gallery] Maju's Cosmos

    Half agree with you Bjorn The way the perspex is cut it sticks out past the metal of the case panel, so as to catch the light on the edge and give a nice highlight glow. So I did get a bit creative. I used a router for the first attempt but it was impossible to get a decent cut edge or flat...
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    [Case Gallery] Maju's Cosmos

    cheers Live OR Die Possibly a bit of overkill. I wasn't sure whether the 700w psu was man enough and after getting a couple of replies on the forums saying that 2x8800gtx's would "kill" the psu I opted to mod my old psu. Plus it also gave me more connectors to run the other stuff without...
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    [Case Gallery] Maju's Cosmos

    No, definitely not a girl and have the beard to prove it. Several reasons for choosing purple as the colour scheme. 1. I like the colour 2. It ties in with my chair 3. The world is a multi-layered matrix of vibration and I choose to work consciously with the interaction of those...
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    [Case Gallery] Maju's Cosmos

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: AMD64 X2 6000+ 2x XFX 8800GTX 4gb OCZ Platinum RAM OCZ 750w GameXstream PSU OCZ 520w ModStream PSU ASUS M2N32 SLI-Deluxe Motherboard 2x 250gb Western Digital SataII HDD 1x 250gb Hitachi Deskstar SataII HDD 1x 160gb Maxtor SataII HDD Mods: Custom...
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    My quiet Cosmos - Phase 2

    @ DonInKansas Strange you should mention that... whilst I think I shall leave the main speakers as they are my next little project is to sort out some 6" speakers that I have to augment the current speakers - of course these will be mounted in custom built boxes, currently thinking of 8"...
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    My quiet Cosmos - Phase 2

    Well here it is at last. Completed....apart from finishing the reinstall and benchmarking and overclocking:) I apologise for the quality of the pictures. Try as I might I just can't get them to do justice, especially with the lighting effects. So rather than try yet again for better shots...
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    My quiet Cosmos - Phase 2

    Well what a journey it has been. Thankfully it is all working once again after a reinstall of windows. Am still in the long laborious process of reinstalling everything and setting things up the way I like it but what sweet relief that it works. Just a teaser pic for the moment until I get...