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    Share R9-290X price in your country.

    Lithuania R9 290X 1780 Lithuanian litai = 690 U.S. dollars No gtx780ti available yet
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    das.dude's Poor Man's Mod

    With the inside of the case in white, all the cabling protruding (assuming there will be some at least), will be seen too well, what cannot be said about a black interior :) Have you considered other colors other than white or black?
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    Explain GPU usage please.

    The OP's game settings might have VSYNC enabled, that would explain the intermediate usage of the card.
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    Post your Speedtest.net Speeds!

    This is for around 11 USD ~
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    Yet another build (whoooo), mainly about GPU's and memory

    I've tinkered with it too many times already :) It's just very inconvenient, that LLC function. You want to set a specific voltage, and on the lowest setting it will still add around 0.0750 V's. Too much IMO.
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    Yet another build (whoooo), mainly about GPU's and memory

    Avoid the Ga-990XA-UD3. I have that board, and with my 1090T it IS a decent overlocker, but the load line control function is just retarded. Depending on the setting it can raise the voltage of the cpu by as much as .125 V, all by itself . Can't turn it off, and there are no specifics on how it...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost SLI

    Upon reading the single card performance review for the GTX 650Ti Boost, I couldn't help but wonder how would two of these stack up. Turns our they're pretty great! Really impressed. Kind of wished I hadn't bought the 660ti when it came out..
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    For how many hours per day does your PC run?

    Around 8-12 hours a day.
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    Do I need to unlock both of my 6950s to 6970?

    If you really want to flash them, then find a 6950 BIOS with unlocked shaders. It won't be 6970 clocks though, but safer that way.
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    Do you use a sound card?

    Everything what others said. If you're mainly using headphones on your rig, a sound card upgrade (even a cheap one) will definitely make a difference. The increased sound volume is much needed with headphones. Totally worth it.
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    I give up.I need help.

    Check both CPU's if all the pins on them are okay. I've bent 2 or 3 pins on mine at some point and the computer wouldn't start either.
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    Your PC ATM

    How loud are those phase-change units?
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    Is there a way to boost my GPU performance?

    Could it be that your current PSU is too weak for the job?
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    Your PC ATM

    Your RAM sticks are installed in an incorrect order. Put both in the color-coded slots, then you'll get dual channel enabled.
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    Your GPU history?

    GeForce 5500 FX 128MB 64bit GeForce 7600 GT AGP 256MB GeForce 8800 GTX 786MB GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB GeForce 8800 GT (bought dead for 15$~ ,frickin' baked in an oven, broke down twice afterwards) Radeon HD 6950 2GB unlocked shaders (sold cuz went away for 6 months) GeForce GTX 660 Ti 2GB
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    GTX 660 OEM Unlockable?

    Oh now I see. Still, I highly doubt that any unlocking could be done. nVidia probably had some half-working chips laying around and decided to still make cards with them. The price of the oem version is lower that the reference 660ti because it will perform slower. It has fewer stream processors...
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    GTX 660 OEM Unlockable?

    If, before making this thread, you had done a quick google search, you would have found that those cards use different cores. Check the table in this review. Short answer: no.
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    [Solved][Z77][Asrock Exteme4][What closed loop cooler, to allow top PCIEx1 sound card

    if your case has fan mounts on the top of the case, you could mount the rad&fan there also.
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    Overclocking the AMD FX 8350 to 5ghz

    Don't overclock, just get a SSD.
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    Which GTX 660 ti for Boinc 24/7

    simple - asus. if not, msi.
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    Is it high for XFX 6850 90-95celcius?

    Sounds to me like improper heat-sink contact with the GPU die. Try re-assembling the card. Also be sure to have some spare thermal paste.
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    Gran Turismo 5 drifting

    Turn into a corner with no power. Halfway through the corner gas it and dump the clutch. When the slide is initiated input opposite lock.
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    Holiday Computer Wishlist

    Steelseries Sensei RAW Rubberized :P Will finish my rig, as now I'm using a logitech wireless laptop mouse
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    GTS 250 or HD5670?

    You might want more VRAM for BF3, but if the 5670 has GDDR5 it's might be a different story. Can't you try out both cards before deciding?
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    PSU Just Exploded... What Should i Get?

    Higher-end PSU's will protect the system when the PSU itself fails though. All those additional protection systems pay off eventually.