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    Arctic Makes Accelero Hybrid Generally Available Late May

    I really dont think it matters, most motherboards are now laid out with the assumption a graphics card takes up 2 slots.
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    I-O Data and Toshiba Add More Variants of SSDN-3TB Series

    Why would you use "3TB" in the model name of a product thats not 3TB?
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    Singapore Retailers Begin Quoting Prices for Ivy Bridge + 7series Motherboard Bundles

    So you are looking at the 3770k and 3570k costing a similar amount to the 2600k and 2500k (or what they cost on release). Thats not too bad. Pretty sure it wont be worth upgrading from this 2500k unless there you can get ridiculous overclocks.
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    QPAD MK-50 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    I got this keyboard a couple of weeks back. While the article says its still expensive, the fact is I couldnt find a cheaper mx brown keyboard in the uk anywhere. The only plausible one would be a silent razer blackwidow, however I have not seen a uk layout listed at any point. Yes, its not...
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    Intel Confirms Ivy Bridge Core Processor Specifications

    Yeah, I agree with that. At least have the option of a sans IGP i7k.
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    Future of SSDs Not So Solid: Research

    A better title would have been "Future of SSDs not so solid"
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    Windows 8 To Introduce App Suspension

    You dont have to make one when it already exists as Process explorer. Good little program, I use it to suspend large video encodes when it gets in the way of gaming (despite the best attempts at using the CPU priority options, sometimes its just not enough).
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    Caseking.de Acquires Overclockers UK

    Yeah, this definitely could be a good thing. I think the lack of people bemoaning the takeover tells you something about ocuk's current reputation.... not that i think any better of scan or aria, or even ebuyer really. Ive had bad experiences with all of them.
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    Intel Readies Core i5-2550K Quad-Core Unlocked Processor

    boooooring. ivy bridge of GTFO.
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    Games: The Push To Online Distribution And Removal Of Your First Sale Rights

    I dont see how that could be true, at all. Just a nonsense figure.