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    [FS/FT] HnJ Tattoos Parts Paradise

    I can't resist, sorry! Just curious, why would you send something out the slowest way possible? Would that be by way of China? July 6th you said you sent out my 2 Raptors, still has not arrived. You said no problem I will send out another 2, that was what 2 weeks ago? Still have not...
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    [FS/FT] HnJ Tattoos Parts Paradise

    Why in the world would you not get tracking numbers. Neither of us can figure out if they were sent to the right address or what have you. I have never in my life ordered anything that has not been delivered, for this to happen twice is truly baffling. I would like to believe that you have...
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    [FS/FT] HnJ Tattoos Parts Paradise

    My 2 Raptor Drives seem to be lost in the mail for the second time, oh wait, that is probably not possible or likely is it? I paid you $50.00 on the 6th, the same day that I purchased a Seagate drive for $65.00, which I received over two weeks ago. You did not send them, did you? Is...
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    [FS] Copes 4th Of July Sell Off

    thanks Copenhagen69 Just a friendly bump for Copenhagen69 for the Thermaltake Armor Revo Case that I purchased a while back and finally have all decked out. Great case, thanks!:toast:
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    laptop probs

    What does a "shagged drive" mean?
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    [FS/FT][US] t_ski's gotta sell some stuff

    Just want to give a bump to a great seller.:toast:
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    [WTB][US] Laptops in bulk

    I love cats, so I have to bump!:laugh:
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    [FS] The ever changing for-sale room ... take a look

    Oops wrong thread. I bought the case from you at a great price, though it was so big you needed to build a room for it. However you were great to deal with, thanks!
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    [FS] The ever changing for-sale room ... take a look

    Thanks again for the free stuff and here is a big bump for you.:)
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    [FS] The ever changing for-sale room ... take a look

    Thanks, that's nice to know I am sure you have made us both very happy. I will have to keep an eye out for him in the future. :toast:
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    [FS] The ever changing for-sale room ... take a look

    Sorry the price was so good that I could not haggle! I bought the Thermaltake Armor Revo Snow Edition for $80.00 last night.:) Thanks for a great deal.
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    [FS][US] Logitech G5 laser mouse wired/usb

    If it's still available you got a buyer. I have heat sshaw223. Thanks, let me know:)
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    [WTB] ATA IDE Laptop HDD

    I was under the impression he took the 60 gig.
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    [WTB] ATA IDE Laptop HDD

    I purchased 2 - 30 IDE's from Wrigleyvillain, just in case anyone is addressing me. Thank you all for your help with this relilc!
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    [WTB] ATA IDE Laptop HDD

    If anyone else has an old drive for my Dell 2650 INSPIRON I would be very appreciative. My drive just tonight quit. It is an old laptop but it still works fine. It is ata/ Ide. Thanks
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    [FS/FT][US] Gaming laptop w/ extra stuff

    Oh, that's OK. Glad someone purchased it.