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    Monitor stays black after reboot, no beeps.

    You seem to have a hefty overclock for hyper 212. Don't know AMD boards that well but that also seems to be overclock spec on the 7870. But some chips are manufactured well and can handle it. Could be the resetting is due to failed overclock. Have you tried booting with the default bios setting...
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    Monitor stays black after reboot, no beeps.

    Check to see if your monitor is set to correct display for windows output. On most monitors with multiple inputs you can cycle thru each by pushing a button on the side or bottom corner of the monitor. When you get to DVI let go the button and leave there for a second or two to allow the display...
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    weird problem booting

    You seem to be having an issue with the initial display setting. Is the BIOS set to PEG or IGP as the initial display. Also your monitor should have a button for you to switch between HDMI-usually that's what the IGP is connected to and DVI which is what the PEG or discreet card is normally...