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    Vista problems, help installing xp!

    Just got a new laptop, 2gb ram, 160gb hd, 1.8ghz athlon64 x2, pretty decent I'd say. Was a good buy until I turned it on and met Vista Premium. Slower than expected, makes the laptop constantly run HOT, adobe photoshop cs2 problems, as well as many of my other favorite/necessary programs did...
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    gigabyte 8i865gme-775 review

    Is this motherboard any good? I'm interested in getting something that i can pop an 805 in for cheap. i have an agp card id be using in it and 2 gigs of ram. i'll also have a zalman 9500 to cool it. any info is much appreciated!
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    Linux-Luring Me Closer

    Ahoy! I've been playing with Ubuntu for the last 6 hours ( took 4 hours just to get it to install on my spare hard drive I bought today ), and it's not quite working out as I'd hoped. It may be my hardware, it may not be. The thing is, Ubuntu just doesn't quite seem to cut it yet. I'm...
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    [FS] Lots of stuff!!!!

    Alright, First I'll post the pics, then the list of what is all there. Fans/Heatsinks -Nidec Beta V 120mm fans (pride and joy, insane fans) $5 ea. -2 blue led fans - $1 ea. -All the rest i'll sell as a group for $13 (13fans) -AMD s939 stock fan. BRAND NEW - NEVER USED - she...
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    WTB - s939 MOBO

    I need a s939 mobo for an computer that's got a dying DFI mobo right now. It's gotta have obviously s939 for an a 64 3200+, onboard ethernet/audio, 1 pci x16 slot, 2 ram slots. Looking for a good, working, cheap mobo.
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    Hard drive test

    What kind of software is out there that would check a hard drive ans how well its functioning? Looking for something thats free to use.
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    PC Troubles

    Normally I can fix most any problem myself, but over the past year or so I did a build for a friend which has had very subtle, annoying, problems. The PC was just built to be a family computer with moderate gaming capabilities last year... 400w Antec PSU a64 3200+ (939) 1gb 2x512...
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    Sound Card

    I currently have the Sound Blaster Audigy 2 platinum. I don't really do recordings, nor am i a huge user of the front panel... This card has NEVER worked with EAX enabled on games, and I think I got it broken but always thought it was a driver thing... well now its starting to 'click' and I'm...
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    Making the switch

    Hello! I'm considering upgrading to a Conroe based system e6400/e6600 over from my A64x2/am2 and going from ATI to NVIDIA. I am wondering what motherboards are out there for Conroes that support SLI, and what a good mid to high end videocard would be. My current system is an AM2 A64 x2...