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    Sound Bar Help

    Disclaimer: I don't know much about TVs and audio. I am all done gaming on the computer and focusing on setting up my home theater for movies and console gaming (PS3 at the moment). Right now I have a Vizio E422VLE (http://store.vizio.com/lcd-hdtvs/e422vle.html). I'm looking at adding some sort...
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    [WTB] Wtb 500gb+ 2.5" hdd

    I need to upgrade my PS3's HDD and am looking for a 2.5" 500GB or more. Post or PM what you have and the price shipped to 02839 please. I could also trade a 128GB Crucial M4 that was purchased on 10/19/12 from Newegg (can provide receipt).
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    LCD TV Cleaning Question

    I just bought http://www.amazon.com/VIZIO-E422VLE-42-Inch-120Hz-Internet/dp/B0088024V2. It's really my first real tv purchase and I have a dumb question. What is the best way to clean the screen? In the past, I've used a Swiffer cloth to gently wipe the screen or at times, I've used a bit of...
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    [FS/FT] Pny gtx 680

    I am selling/trading my GTX 680. For cash, I'm looking for $340. For trades, I am looking mainly for a nice GSM phone (Samsung Galaxy S2/3 etc). I would also consider PS3 games. These pictures say Gametz because I posted the card there first. If needed, I can retake them saying TPU. The...
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    HELP! kid turned off surge protector..comp wont start

    I was playing my computer just fine. Kid decided to turn the surge protector off. Now when I try turning the computer on, the fans flicker a bit and nothing else happens. What can I do to fix this? Did she break something?
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    Black Screen after minor overclocking

    I am using a Asrock 970 extreme3 with a 965BE. It was working just fine. I just edited the CPU to 217mhz x 17 (3.7GHz or so) and changed my RAM to 1600mhz (was running at 1300 according to bios). I went to exit and save changes and nothing happened. it started loading windows then my monitor...
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    Black Screen on Startup!

    I am using a Asrock 970 extreme3 with a 965BE. It was working just fine. I just edited the CPU to 217mhz x 17 (3.7GHz or so) and changed my RAM to 1600mhz (was running at 1300 according to bios). I went to exit and save changes and nothing happened. it started loading windows then my monitor...
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    HAF 922 side panel problem

    I just put together a new rig and the bottom part of my side panel just doesn't want to close. I've tried pushing hard and wiggling it etc. Nothing seems to work. It's bothering the hell out of me right now. Any advice/help would be appreciated. You can see the crack in the picture.
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    Best Card Under $150?

    I'm looking for a new video card for WoW. My budget for this card is ~$150. So far, I'm looking at the Gigabyte 6850. Is there a better card out there for this price?
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    SATA 3GB/s vs 6GB/s

    Would I be better off getting a 500GB 16mb cache 6GB/s drive or a 1TB 32mb cache 3GB/s drive? I'm asking performance-wise..not storage obviously. Both are 7200rpm.
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    New Build Review Help

    This is what I have put together so far for my budget gaming rig. I'm at $630 right now.I have about $20 extra bucks to play around with. Any pieces that I should "upgrade" or anything? Will the 212 fit in the HAF 912 case? That's my biggest worry right now. Thanks.
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    Gaming Laptop On a Budget

    I'm looking to add another laptop to my arsenal. I need a gaming laptop while staying within a budget. Budget-$900-1000 Needs: 1080p Backlit keyboard 15.5" or bigger Bluetooth (could do without it) Anybody have any suggestions for what I'm looking for in my budget?
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    Windows 7 desktop problem

    Everything was fine last night and now my Windows seems to be stuttering when I type and move my mouse. Also, my taskbar changed it seemed. I used to scroll over tabs in the taskbar and saw pictures of windows. Now this is what I see: Any idea what happened or how to fix it?
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    Blue Screen on Dell Laptop HOT

    I have encountered blue screen restarts a few times today and yesterday. According to AIDA64, my GPU is reaching temps of 95+. I have tried speedfan and turned the only fan it shows up to 100% but it seems to do nothing. I hear and feel no difference. Any idea what could be causing this? It's a...
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    First Water Loop Help

    I'm looking to do a custom loop for the first time. I'll be running a 2500k. I want to add my GTX680 to the loop as well. 1) Will 240mm rad be enough for cpu and gpu on the same loop? 2) What kind of waterblock do I want to look for nickel, copper, acetal, etc)? 3) Distilled water or UV...
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    Steam Error

    I'm trying to run Magicka on steam and get this error. Any clue what it is?
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    Full Tower Airflow Help

    I'm looking to maximimze my airflow in the Overseer RX-I case. This is what I would assume is best, but I'm sure I'll be proven wrong here. **The red arrow in the case is a CM Hyper 212 EVO pushing air to the rear exhaust.** Would this be the best choice? If not, please help me with finding...
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    Which Video Card Do I Get?

    This will be the rig using the video card. It will be used for Diablo 3 on the highest settings and other games like SC2, Civ5, etc.
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    [WTB] Caviar Black HDD

    I'm looking for a 6GB/s Caviar Black HDD. I have $80 to spend. I can get a new 500GB at Microcenter, but I'm hoping to get bigger and help a fellow TPU user make some money.
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    Looking for a quick RAM 101

    I understand the very basics of RAM. I'm looking for a quick RAM 101 class about timings and CAS latency. From what I've researched, the latency is in nanoseconds. If this is true, does it really matter if you get CL9 vs CL10 RAM? Thanks for the help.
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    Catalyst/Driver Help

    I installed CCC 12.4 for my HD Mobility 4300 series card. I noticed some massive texture problems in Diablo 3 so I uninstalled it. People say to download previous versions. I installed CCC 11.12 but GPU-Z says my driver is different. Shouldn't GPU-Z say 11.12 as the driver?
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    ATI Mobility 4300 series question

    Is the ATI mobility 4300 series a discrete card or is it integrated? I got a laptop from a friend and can't figure it out. I tried googling and couldn't find an exact answer.
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    Laptop driver/reformat question

    I'm looking to reformat my laptop's HDD with a clean windows 7 install. I don't have any driver cds though. Does anybody know where to get all of them (bluetooth, internet, etc)? It's a Dell Inspiron 1564. Thanks.
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    Need a new case!

    I'm building a budget gaming rig and looking at cases. As of right now, I have decided to go with http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811133194&Tpk=overseer%20rx-i, but I'm hoping to save a few bucks maybe and get a mid-tower. I need it to have features like a side window, few...
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    Best Video Card for $100

    I have $100 to spend (can't spend a penny more) on a video card. I'm looking for the best card for that price range. I'm not looking to play BF3 or anything, just simply Diablo 3 and some other stupid games (SWTOR/GW2 etc). Any suggestions on a card?