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  1. EnglishLion

    Razor Salmosa mouse problems

    My Razor Salmosa mouse has a problem where after a few days of being plugged in I come to use it and the buttons respond but not the movement. If I replug the USB the whole thing immediately comes back to life. Anyone else have this problem? So far it hasn't happened while in use. But I...
  2. EnglishLion

    Your Views on Kingwin PSUs please?

    Hi I currently have a Hiper Type-R 580W PSU in my main system and it seems like I've been one of the lucky ones as it's performed just fine for me amongst all the horror stories from everyone else! However, I'm thinking in terms of upgrading that PC to Quad core and possibly crossfire too...
  3. EnglishLion

    OCZ 4GB PC3-10666 Reaper - OCZ3RPR13334GK for my X38 motherboard?

    I need to upgrade to 4GB on my P5E3 Deluxe based system (X38). So I'm thinking of getting a pair of 2GB OCZ PC3-10666 Reaper modules and selling my existing 1GB modules. I have a few question that I hope you good folk might be able to answer... 1. Are these reapers any good? 2. What do...
  4. EnglishLion

    Wanted:Automated email program that monitors a folder

    Does anyone know of a program that can be setup in Windows XP to monitor a specified folder and email any files that appear in that folder. Even better would be to email the text from within those files - but I think this may be asking too much.
  5. EnglishLion

    2.5" compatible with 3.5" SATA?

    Just a quick question. Does anyone know if the 2.5" and 3.5" SATA drives are interchangable? I know IDE drives weren't as the 2.5 had a 44pin and the 3.5" had a 40pin cable but I recently bought a new 2.5" SATA for an enclosure and the connectors seem the same as the 3.5" drives. It just...
  6. EnglishLion

    MS make it difficult but you get there in the end (OEM, OPK, MLK etc)

    I upgraded from XP to Vista a while back. My XP had MS Office 2003 which doesn't work properly with Vista (not saving Outlook passwords being the main gripe). So I installed Office Pro 2007 trial while I decided what to do next. I would have been happy using Openoffice except that I need to...
  7. EnglishLion

    Cooling for Coppermine socket 370 P3?

    I've just setup a home server using an old Dell that I was given. I took out the 600mhz celeron and replaced it with a 650Mhz P3 I got off ebay for £2. Then stripped out the Cd drive, FDD and PCI modem and installed Linux (Ubuntu). All is looking good, it's accessable on my network and only...
  8. EnglishLion

    DVD Burner seen as DVD-ROM drive only in Vista64

    Help please, I've just upgraded to Vista home premium 64 and my Sony DW-Q28A DVD-RW drive is not seen as a burner for CDs or DVDs. So if I right click on it with a re-writable disk in I do not get an 'erase' option, when I right click on a file there's no 'send to>CD' option and in media player...
  9. EnglishLion

    Turned on with CMOS jumper shorted - Is this fatal

    In a moment of overclocking madness, I forgot to reset my CMOS jumper before turning on. This is on my Abit Fatality F-i90HD motherboard. Now it will post to BIOS after I reset the CMOS (properly this time) but if I change anything in the BIOS and save it, it won't post. I've tried just...
  10. EnglishLion

    Help me fix an XFX NV6600GT AGP 256Mb ?

    I picked up a faulty 6600gt from ebay and the box has a sticker on it saying "Failed visual check - component C75 missing". As you can see from the picture it's a capacitor of some type and it may be the only fault with the card. I fancy my chances at successfully adding this cap if only...
  11. EnglishLion

    Using 5V supply from USB header

    I've just bought a red lcd temp display to replace the blue one in my case. They are identical except for colour and run from a molex connector (5V). I want to run the new one from my motherboard instead as cables up to my psu make it a bit more messy. I have a spare USB header and I...
  12. EnglishLion

    Watercooling starter kit

    I'm thinking of having a go at watercooling. Just as a project really as I've never tried before. But the options are almost endless and I've no knowledge as to what's good bad etc. I've found a complete starter set that uses standard sized parts etc and so is upgradable later see below...
  13. EnglishLion

    New motherboard for uATX case - Suggestions wanted

    I'm looking for a new motherboard for a uATX case. I've picked out the new Abit F-I90HD as a likely purchase but am certainly open to suggestions. It can be either AM2 or 775 as I'll be buying a procesoor too, I already have DDR2 memory to spare. I'm planning on overclocking whichever CPU I...
  14. EnglishLion

    Measuring temp of GPU

    I have an ATI 9600XT card in a spare system that I'm reserving for LAN gaming (bought a small case with a handle). Problem is that the fan on the heatsink is very noisy. My solution so far has been to disconnect the fan, which unsuprisingly solves the noise! I got the card new for only £20...
  15. EnglishLion

    Motherboard with onboard VGA

    I know this isn't the usual kinda topic found on here but I'm after a motherboard with onboard VGA, TV out and High Quality Sound. I want the best onboard VGA available but it doesn't need to be gaming grade. Which is best Nvidia 6150, ATI X300 or intel latest offering? It's for a media PC -...
  16. EnglishLion

    Printer with decent driver

    I've had a HP PSC1205 printer for a few years and have fought constantly against the absolutely rubbish software that HP supply with it. The hardware's OK but the driver etc is poor. Can anyone recommend a manufacteurer of printers who have half-decent software developers!! I just want some...
  17. EnglishLion

    RAID0 and Reported Drive Temp

    I've got a RAID0 setup, its been running fine for a good few months now - no probs. Just one little question though - I get a single drive temp reading (in systool or any other util), which drive temp is this, or maybe it's an average? Both drives are capable of providing temp readings -...
  18. EnglishLion

    RAID0 no faster than SATA

    I've just set up a RAID0 array and it's no faster than my previous SATA1 hdd. I'm using two SATA segate 80Gb drives to create a 160Gb array. ASrock DualSata2 mobo. I haven't seen any great improvement so I installed and ran PCmark05 and it scored ~ the same in both 'xp startup' and 'general...
  19. EnglishLion

    systool read wrong cpu load

    Ever since I did a volt mod to my motherboard (ASrock dual-sata2) systool reads a continuous 100% load. Windows task manager reads a sensible variable load as expected. Why is this and can I correct it somehow? All suggestions appreciated :toast:
  20. EnglishLion

    Looking for new RAM for ASRock DualSATA2

    I've got 2 x 1Gb of OCZ RAM at the moment. It's rated DDR400 3,3,3,8 and I've managed DDR450 3,3,3,5 with 1T. However, I'd like to get 2 x 1Gb of some DDR500 to be able to maximise my overclock. So I'm after something rated DDR500 (PC4000) that will work on 1T on this board. Has anyone...
  21. EnglishLion

    VCore voltage stability

    I have my vcore set in bios at 1.45V. If I run systool while running prime95 test for several hours and then look at my vcore max and min in systool, I find the min as low as 1.41 (occasionally as low as 1.39) and the max as high as 1.54. I'm not asking for why, as my system runs fine. What...
  22. EnglishLion

    Any ideas on suitable voltage for OCZ RAM

    I've maxed my OC on my stock voltages and am looking into doing a vdimm mod (dual-sata2) but I need to know if any one knows what voltage I should be aiming for? This is my RAM, I have two sticks. Part no. OCZ4001024PF http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/memory/ocz_ddr_pc_3200_1gb_module...
  23. EnglishLion

    Past the sarock bios 274 "limit"!!

    I'm running official asrock bios 1.60 with a CPU ref. of 290, which gives me a clock of 2.9Ghz on my opteron. It boots every time - no problems, it's a recently purchased board (1.50). What it won't do at this high is boot from a bios settings save (In that instance I have to hit the reset...
  24. EnglishLion

    DIY fan controller

    Has anyone tried doing a DIY fan controller. I've got a spare panel for the front of my case, all I'd need to do is drill some holes and wire in some potentiometers. However, I've no idea what type/rating of potentiometers to use.
  25. EnglishLion

    MS Activation - Wow that was easy

    I've just reinstalled XP Home on my PC after replacing the mobo, CPU, case and psu and in the past have replaced the HDD and graphics card. So my PC is practically all new and XP activation wouldn't work. I was semi dreading having to ring Microsoft as I expected to have hassles about it not...