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  1. NAVI_Z

    DayZ (Mod for ARMA II: OAH) Clubhouse

    its funny u say that cause my sons pc runs a 5870. the pc i use has a 4870.his pc laggs the most! even after trying the script edit posted earlier. maybe a bandwith issue?? :confused:
  2. NAVI_Z

    DayZ (Mod for ARMA II: OAH) Clubhouse

    Was wonderin if anyone here who plays on the new Taviana maps gets massive lagg when in the towns. My son and I play almost everyday and when we go into any of the towns, we start to lagg so bad that its almost not playable. My son got shot in da face by a another player coming down the stairs...
  3. NAVI_Z

    Danger Den Closing Shop

    .:eek:.:twitch:rest in peace DD
  4. NAVI_Z

    Medal of Honor Club

    is the beta closed or open???
  5. NAVI_Z

    TechPowerup IC Diamond Results Thread

    thanx for such an in depth response.:rockout::toast:
  6. NAVI_Z

    TechPowerup IC Diamond Results Thread

    I've been reading this thread quite closely and was wonderin if anyone out there had Indigo Extreme Engineered TIM to compare to IC-D 24? The pressure test with the paper is quite an eye opener.I was also under the impression that the CPU had more of a "concave" than the HS.I say this...
  7. NAVI_Z

    Borderlands 2

    Good to see everyone having fun with BL2. I'm lvl 26 and loving every sec of it. The game just flat out rocks! :rockout::D
  8. NAVI_Z

    Borderlands 2

    Look what I found. Borderlands 2 GeForce GTX PhysX Trailer - YouTube enjoy!:rockout::pimp::respect:
  9. NAVI_Z

    Lovin' my Sapphire HD7970 Toxic 6GB

    me wants two in x-fire baby!!
  10. NAVI_Z

    Counter Strike: Global Offensive Available for Pre-Purchase on Steam

    25 mins and counting! :rockout:
  11. NAVI_Z

    HIS Introduces Radeon HD 7970 X Graphics Card

    any idea if a review is in the works? i'd like to c this card in action.
  12. NAVI_Z

    Counter Strike: Global Offensive Available for Pre-Purchase on Steam

    can't wait to get my hands on this! been playin cs since v1.0 in 99'. i still play cs.s today. zombie mod is a lot of fun! can't beat the price of $13.49. hope to c all of you guys and gals on the 21st! frag ya later!:rockout:
  13. NAVI_Z


    thanx for the info. just lookin at some options for the near future when i get some more ram.:)
  14. NAVI_Z


    ok folks whats the real story behind ramdisk and can it be used in a game server for home use. say 6 pc's all on a lan playing for instance Garry's Mod;Minecraft;Starcraft 2;CS:S;Red Alert;Civ V etc,etc?
  15. NAVI_Z

    Pops Black Phantom PL

    i feel ur pain pops. my rig is in storage rite now. :(
  16. NAVI_Z

    ASUS to Give AMD AM3+ Platform Thunderbolt Support

    Finally us AMD folks get ThunderBolt! Nothing but good things to come from TB. Anybody that has not seen the video on Youtube should check it out. You will be impressed.
  17. NAVI_Z

    Green Tea: retro AMD-nVidia build

    Didn't see da Heaven benchie in there......;)
  18. NAVI_Z

    CaseLabs MAGNUM M8K

    need moar pics please :D :toast::pimp:
  19. NAVI_Z

    Macintosh LC II Mod

    some people have all the fun. :toast:
  20. NAVI_Z

    The Filthy, Rotten, Nasty, Helpdesk-Nightmare picture clubhouse

    looks like carpet!:confused::twitch::eek:
  21. NAVI_Z

    PinkPhantom Goes wild!

    super clean!!... well done. :toast:
  22. NAVI_Z

    Mindblowing video shot from the Space

    wow! thnx 4 sharing :)
  23. NAVI_Z

    This is just GREAT, another problem

    try resetting the cmos. do the jumper thing or battery thing or both. :)
  24. NAVI_Z

    Medal of Honor: Warfighter this October

    i agree. i miss games that can take days or even weeks to finish, i.e. Skyrim,Mass Effect,etc.