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  1. psyko12

    Educational: Anatomy of a public DNS breakin

    Thank you for sharing, these sort of things are truly a resource for learning, keep up the good work!
  2. psyko12

    What PC specs were you rockin back in 2009?

    Intel P4 640 stock 1GB DDR Palit 7600 GS 1 x 80 GB Maxtor 1 x 1 GB Quantum Fireball Antec 450 W PSU Generic KB Mouse 1024x768 Samsung SyncMaster LCD Those were the days :laugh:
  3. psyko12

    What does your rig mean to you?

    I grew up with computers as my uncle taught me how to build one and then rum some BASIC programs til I pursued BS Computer Science. It was a hobby then and now it is a passion, making extra money from system building for some folks, doing repairs, maintenance here and there. My own rig is also...
  4. psyko12

    What's on your hardware wish list ?

    Just got a 512GB adata xpg m.2 ssd drive last Aug for my bday. Need a high capacity 2.5" SATA SSD to fill my ssd mount that I bought recently. Also a new pair of joy cons for the Nintendo Switch (for guests and local mp fun with family). Thinking of also getting a better gpu to upgrade to from...
  5. psyko12

    [Official] List your Systems (All)

    Oh boy where do I begin! Atari 2600 - Used to play Missile Command , Defender , Pong and Tanks (not sure the proper title), Space Invaders and Pac-Man with my Dad Nintendo Famicom Nintendo NES OG Gameboy SEGA Genesis SEGA Megadrive Super NES SEGA Saturn Playstation One (this where I got to PC...
  6. psyko12

    programs aren't opening.. delay after startup login screen

    Try and run a diagnostic or scan on your drives and see if they are failing. Does the boot order in the bios get reset/re-arranged each time you boot up? Also this only happened when you put it into sleep or it goes into sleep, or does it happen while you're in the middle of something?
  7. psyko12

    Ryzen 7 1700X Running Hot

    That is indeed running a bit hot. As for air cooling suggestions, NH-D15/s user here, and it can hold my mild oc of 3.8ghz on all cores on the 1700x on idle (depending on time of day, as I am at a hot/warm country) sits around 35-42c and on load (VEGAS 16 rendering) 65-70c. Been using this set...
  8. psyko12

    OFFICIAL Game Soundtracks You Love

    Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night's OST \m/ Megaman 2's Dr. Wily's Castle Monster Hunters - Proof/Mark of a Hero (Get's me hyped up upon hunting elder dragons or hard mobs) Super Mario's 3D Land main theme Astral Chain has some DOPE OST too, the dev's gave the mp3s for free on their...
  9. psyko12

    Script for Power Options

    Hey there sorry for the delayed response. I just use one power plan wihich is the Ryzen Balanced plan. When I can get to the puter when I get home, I will put the guid's of the plan and the categories/sub categories. On my own I managed to make a vbscript that can execute it but I need to have...
  10. psyko12

    Script for Power Options

    Specifically for pausing desktop slideshow. Can anyone guide or help me set up a If -- Else script for toggling pause and available options for current power scheme. Basically change Power Options > Advanced power settings > Desktop Settings > Slide show. I can do it via cmd/powershell with...
  11. psyko12

    Logitech owners club!

    I love the infinity wheel! :D
  12. psyko12

    Logitech owners club!

    Update: Gave my G502 to a friend as a holiday gift 2018. Still have my G602 working strong as ever (GF is using it) G633 is also with GF Added to the family G933 and G903 both gotten from last years Black Friday sale. both have that removable magnetic micro usb / adapter for charging Now...
  13. psyko12

    Random BSOD every 5+ hours

    +1 to ^ Put RAM to XMP or manually input it's timings and then run a memory checking tool like one we have here @ TPU and see if it'll do it once more.
  14. psyko12

    [FF] Resident Evil 2 Steam Code

    I'm in! Thanks!
  15. psyko12

    Which game recording software do you use?

    I use mainly Nvidia Share for recording gameplay, OBS if I'm streaming and recording at the same time. Then use handbrake before uploading to YT or FB. If some editing is needed I use VEGA.
  16. psyko12

    Free Games Thread

    Free on EGS, Limbo!
  17. psyko12

    Started Getting the "Activate Windows" Message

    It happened to me when the x370 and 1st gen ryzen BIOS were at it's early stages, I had jumped from the early bios to a later version which added more features in it. It triggered it and told me that I need to activate windows again. I did the phone call and they (lucky me) reactivated my...
  18. psyko12

    Current Sales, Bundles, Giveaways

    Age of Wonders III/ currently free to own on steam for a limited time! Edit: Fixed link!
  19. psyko12

    1MORE and TechPowerUp Present All-Day-Long Wireless Earbuds Giveaway

    Wow, good luck to everybody who joined!
  20. psyko12

    Free Games Thread

    Re-live the older TMNT games from this fan made game!! Very cool! Download here !
  21. psyko12

    Windows 10 May 2019 Update 1903 Goes Live

    So how'd you get past that initial error message, what device or software was not compatible?
  22. psyko12

    Is my GPU starting to die?

    Might be a corrupted file on the map, but not sure as I don't play D3, maybe do a game verification or repair install?
  23. psyko12

    A Plague Tale: Innocence: My Mini Review.

    Ugh, I have plethora of gaming backlog !! And then this comes along (Rage 2 took over it on release day but did not pique my interest). One more for the wish list! Still have Yakuza 0 and Kiwami queued up after Ancient Leshen event on Monster Hunter: World ends on the 31st. This backlog will...
  24. psyko12

    Guide: Setting up and implementing a TIG stack

    As always another awesome guide! Might give this a try on our local computer shop that I manage, to monitor them machines.
  25. psyko12

    What are you playing?

    Been grinding a bit of the Witcher x Monster Hunter collab in Monster Hunter: World, a bit of Overwatch for the anniversary skins. Been trying to get back to Division 2 preparing for the long raid. And also some old school retro arcade action over Fightcade.